We do not want morality. All the do’s and don’ts that have been taught by all the scriptures and philosophies of the world have done more harm than good. “Don’t do this, don’t do that!”

How many times does a mother not tell a child, “Don’t do this, and don’t do that?” All the time! Let the child learn by the example of the do’s and don’ts of life, rather than hammering it into the child’s mind, for when you do that you are damaging that child’s mind. There has to be discipline; but discipline by the example of how we live in our homes. From that, the child learns far more than from the preaching.

We do not want morality that is secondary, man-made, or impermanent. The ways of morality are changing every day. Today one thing is good; tomorrow, another set of rules is brought in, and another thing is good.

There are governments in this world, for example, where two people of different races could love each other totally yet not be allowed to marry each other. Because they are of different races, it is called immorality. When we hear of such things happening, and of such people going to jail, we are amazed and astounded – do such things really exist in this world?

These standards are made by human beings. Most of the moral laws in the world which are supposed to guide society, to pattern society, or to put society in a straitjacket, have not really been helpful.


What we want is not morality. We want purity. Ah – that is something different! Morality is temporary; purity is permanent.

What do we mean by purity?

To practice purity means to express oneself as one is, with that spiritual force that is within. If one expresses oneself by means of the spiritual force, then every action is a pure action. When one has purity within oneself, then every action becomes a good action, because there is no hatred, no malice, no grudge, no need, no power-hunger, and no money-hunger. Purity knows not of these things; only morality knows of these things. To be pure is to be, just to be.

Today’s world is such that a person of great intellectual achievement will be recognized – “Ah, this brilliant intellectual!” But almost nobody – very few – seem to recognize a person’s state of being. Only purity can recognize that.

If I am pure within myself, then everything around me will seem pure. And that purity of which I speak is connected to the spiritual Self. When we recognize our spiritual Self or dip into that vast ocean of spirituality, then we really take a bath, cleanse ourselves and move away from man-made laws.

……… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: From Darkness to Light

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