Some Teachers have promised an Age of Enlightenment where the entire world will be enlightened. If we study known history, this has not happened so far, but these teachers saying there will be an Age of Enlightenment have not told us how many million years. There can never be a collective Age of Enlightenment, but there can be enlightenment for the individual. Our perspective or view of the continuity and this universe continuum is minimal. As the highly evolved beings pass off from this little section we are looking at, in the process of evolution, there are lower beings or people at a lower stage of evolution coming in this spectrum. It is a continuous flow, and this constant flow has to be there because an Age of Enlightenment on Earth would mean stagnation, and this entire universe will collapse.


There must be a motion to keep this universe going, for everything is in motion. As I have said, the universe is nothing but vibration, and vibration is motion. So those of us who reach enlightenment will pass this little sector onto another sector, but from the other end, there would be entering those that require the development and the evolution that those few have reached and passed across. So therefore, in this same motion, in this same cycle, all these various forms of energies entering from one end at a grosser level and leaving at the other end at a finer level will forever continue. So, enlightenment is there, but it can only be achieved on an individual scale, not collectively, where the world’s entire population will become enlightened.

There will still be much more technological progress, but that has nothing to do with enlightenment. Enlightenment means becoming one with Divinity and one with Divinity you assume the form of Divinity, and up to now, this little planet has never contained all Gods. So, this cycle will forever exist.


According to the Sanskritists, there are three Gunas in this energy, Tamas, Rajas and Sattva. Tamas is inertia or darkness; Rajas is the activating force; and Sattva is light. This can also be termed the conscious mind, the subconscious mind and the Superconscious Mind. So, the duty of man in his way is to reach from the little conscious through the subconscious to the Superconscious, which is at the finest relative level of existence. So, when he gets the finest relative level of existence, he passes beyond relativity, meaning the Absolute.

It is a fallacy to believe that this world will become enlightened in totality. There have been great men, like Mahavir, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, Christ, and Incarnations on earth if you wish to call them that, for they were that, and yet they could not transform this entire world and bring it to an Age of Enlightenment. Do you think they did not have the power to do that, a real incarnation represented in an embodied form, a representation of the entirety of the universe? Could they not achieve that? But even incarnations cannot go against the laws of nature. They can give it a bit of a push, fine, but they cannot go against the laws of nature because the universe has to function within its rules, and there are laws within laws, cycles within cycles within cycles.

So, assuming that this entire world will be enlightened is invalid. But the man on his level can achieve full enlightenment and become one with the Absolute. And not only that, whilst still in an embodied form, he can experience all the levels of existence from the mundane, conscious, sensuous, or sensual level right through the subconscious and the Superconscious and infuse all that with the Absolute, the Absolute existence that Absolute energy. He can do that, but that happens on an individual level.


When a person reaches that stage, he will automatically draw those of like mind to himself. A very highly evolved person will always draw to himself those that are also evolved to a specific measure that you can be very, very sure of. In one of the Eastern languages, there is a saying that the guru will only have chelas according to what the guru is like. So, you have some gurus, sham gurus, in this world, racketeers, business people, money-makers, and they draw to themselves like people. “Birds of a feather flock together” is another old saying.

The point here is that if one person reaches enlightenment, he will draw to himself people that may not be enlightened but that are on the path and relatively near. They are well on the path or grounded, let us say that, and the enlightened man helps those. Did Jesus not have the power to have the entire world as his followers at that time when he was alive? Did he not have the power? Why did he only have five hundred very, very devoted chelas? Because those five hundred had a certain evolutionary status, they could be near him. And this happened with all the great incarnations in the world, all the true Teachers in the world.


So, when a person reaches enlightenment, it does not mean the entire world will be enlightened. It is an impossibility. But those attracted with love and devotion to that particular personage are somewhat ready for a higher stage, and such a personage has to pay personal attention to everyone attracted to him. This attraction is not mental; it is a spark that comes from within that you cannot help. The filings cannot help being attracted to the magnet; it is a natural force. So, let us forget the idea of the whole world becoming enlightened at one time; that will never happen. That can never happen, or else the entire continuum will break, everything will be shattered, all the laws of nature will be destroyed, and they are indestructible.

So, we think of ourselves, how far can I progress? That is the aim, and in my progress, let me help those others that will progress too.

… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang UK 1980 – 04