All unhappiness is produced by our worthless sense of attachment. We get attached to various aspects and facets of life which are transitory. As people unfold spiritually, they will not only seek the true value within themselves and the environment but will find that it is non-separate from them. This is a sure sign of spiritual unfoldment.

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To be able to love without attachment is the greatest achievement a human being can attain,

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Detachment means that you, willfully, want to be apart. You become indifferent – you can have a crowd of people around you and yet you feel lonely. You withdraw into yourself, not because of strength, but because of an imbalance between introversion and extroversion.

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Non-attachment is something totally different: it is when you are a part of your entire environment when you partake of everything in your environment, when you can love, and you can become one with another. Individuality ceases entirely. There is no you or me – there is just us. That state is created by non-attachment. As the Bible says, be in the world and yet not of it. That is non-attachment

……… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: The Master Reflects

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