In finding peace within yourself, the whole idea would be by non-attachment. Yet, we are so attached to all the things around us and all the happenings in the world that we encounter or observe. So, the question remains why, and this why is based upon one thing: that it is not your business. Mind your own business! Then the attachment ceases. But the environment is such, and our minds are so conditioned that we cannot help observing all the things going on around us, although it is not our business. You might be living next to neighbours who are more concerned about what you are doing rather than what they are doing.

The possible solution for not being disturbed by the environment could only come from our stability and thereby observing without forming any attachment.

Another reason could be because of your love for this world. You would like to see everything go smooth in this world; you would like to see everyone’s life to be joyous. But that quality does not come from attachment; it comes from a real love for people. If it comes from real love to see the environment becoming better and better, then you are pursuing something worthwhile. But if it is because of attachment to these things, then you open yourself up to be affected by them, which could be harmful and detrimental to you.

Here we have two qualities: one is that of attachment; the other is that of all-giving love. One produces misery, and the other produces joy, in spite of the environment and the circumstances being the same.


All this happens within ourselves. The world is alright, as it should be. There is nothing wrong in this world. The world is passing through a specific phase of evolution, and this is what we term in Sanskrit as the ” Kali Yuga.” These things will happen. In the Kali Yuga, the opposing forces of nature are most potent in opposing each other. Therefore, in this yuga or in this age, there will be greater and greater friction. There are other ages like the Dvapara Yuga and the Satya Yuga where although the three gunas still play a part and are the essence of all material existence, there will be a greater balance. This we cannot call an age of enlightenment, that is a pipe dream. But there is somewhat a greater balance, where there is somewhat a more significant amount of love flowing between man and man.

But this is the time, Kali Yuga, where man in his individual capacity can find peace far quicker than in the other yugas which contain a greater amount of tranquillity. The reason being this, that the opposing forces force upon you a challenge, and meeting up with these challenges your evolution is expedited. It is far easier to find self-realization in the Kali Yuga than in any other age because of the intensity of the friction.

Do you want to be attached to the friction, or do you want to be detached from the friction? If you attach yourself more to the conflict of the world, then that is a blessing in disguise. For the greater amount of friction that takes place, the greater calm comes thereafter within yourself; and when you become detached to the friction you are escaping from it.


When we say we mind our own business and just be concerned with our evolution, it means non-interference. For all you try to do is not going to make this world a better place as long as this yuga, this Kali Yuga lasts. You can reduce friction in individuals, but collectively it is not possible. You will always have wars. You will always have what we call the negative qualities in man, like lust and greed and avarice and covetousness; all these things will be there. Though there have been great reformers in this world: Buddha, Christ, Krishna, Mahavir, they have not succeeded in this world is not a better world than what it was in those years.

Technologically we have progressed, but that only means a particular opening of the mind, where greater and greater skills have been learned, where there have been discoveries into the subtler laws of nature. But that has not made man a better man collectively.

One can have non-concern of what is happening around, and non-concern does not mean detachment. You are concerned about your fellow man, but being non-attached to the concern it becomes non-concern. You are in it all, and yet you can stand aside and watch it all.

Unfortunately, there is very little that can be done collectively. All the various governments of the world try and pass laws for the masses, and how many of those laws have benefitted humanity, or has uplifted humanity? They will give you a tax rebate when it comes to new election time to get themselves re-elected, and after that is over, six months later, the tax goes up by another 20 percent.

It is the lust for power and position that runs this world. So, where is there going to be total peace; for the very people who run this world, that control the happenings in this world for man’s so-called benefit, start with the wrong basis? They begin with the greed for position and power and the almighty dollar. The tragedy is this that on the dollar is written: “In God We Trust.” It is a tragedy. Is that dollar devoted to God, or is it devoted to greed? I am not only referring to America. This is in every country.


No one can change this world, but you can change yourself. You can find the stability within yourself to observe the happenings that have been happening over millions of years. Even during primitive times when man started recognizing himself as man, they had their battles, and they had their quarrels, and they had their wars with clubs, and today we use machine guns and atom bombs. But the principle is the same, for man is a creature born from friction, made of friction, and constituted by friction.

This peace that we all dream of can only come about within yourself, by yourself, with some guidance. When you are stable enough within yourself, you will understand that all that is happening in this world is a must! When you grind corn, there has to be friction. But that very grinding of the corn or the wheat produces a nice loaf of bread. You have to go through the mill.

This world, at this particular stage, is going through the mill, so there is greater and greater friction there. But the end result when this age ends and reaches another age, there will be far more quietude.

Buddha would put it differently: that I will not go into nirvana, that is total salvation until everyone else has reached that stage also. The poor guy was dreaming at that time, for this will never happen. We are a small section in this vast continuum, and as evolved souls pass away from this orbit, there are other lower souls coming into this section that we are talking about. So collectively, there will always be these problems.

If there is any attachment, let it not be for the entire world, because you have not the capacity. But you have the power to do something for the immediate environment. If there is attachment, let it be within your sphere, within your capability and your ability. If this is taken upon by everyone – “just let me help my surroundings” – then greater peace could be brought about. Because here in the Kali Yuga, because of all these frictions, man can evolve faster. Ancient Rishis have said that in Kali Yuga man can find total realization in six months. And I know it can be done. It depends on that deep desire you have to find Divinity and what you are going to do to find Divinity.

… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang US 1982 – 16

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