Christ has never left us. The body of the historical Christ might have disintegrated into its original elements, but the Christ Consciousness is eternal, and it has never left us; it is always there. It had no beginning, and it had no end. Only that which begins does end, but that which has no beginning will not end. So that consciousness, that divinity is eternal, it is infinite, and it is forever there.

There comes a time in the scheme of things when a more significant imbalance is caused in this world or in the solar system or instead in this universe, and that very consciousness embodies itself to bring about the balance again. This is not only a Christian concept but also a concept of the Hindu people, where Krishna, for example, says in the Gita, “From age to age I shall return to bring back the balance which is needed.”

In the scheme of things, this world that we live in, the collective world, sets off a particular vibrational factor, and vibrations can be disturbed, as we would find in radio reception. The radio will be distorted if it is not correctly tuned in. So, when the vibrational factors of the existence of this world are disturbed, a magnetic pull forms. A certain auric magnetism is produced that demands the embodiment of that eternal consciousness. Therefore, from time to time, that consciousness will forever manifest physically to help humankind.

The Christ Consciousness or the Krishna Consciousness is the same, and for man to appreciate that abstract value, it has to concretise itself. It assumes a human form because only by the human impulse can another human understand. Therefore, it becomes necessary to assume a human form. It will always happen as age after age goes by. This will always happen, but at specific points in time, when a more significant imbalance is created on this Earth, then that consciousness embodies itself in the form of man, flesh and blood to teach us and show us the way. Is it not said that “I am the way, and I am the life”? Yes, that is very, very true.


Gurushakti is a Sanskrit term that means a universal force, a universal power that, by its very nature, is evolutionary; it evolves. It could also be termed the Law of Grace, which forever exists in this universe. Through meditational practices, we invoke that Divine supreme power called Gurushakti. We invoke that, and to invoke that, it will be necessary to be in touch with our innermost self; to be in touch with our innermost self, we require a teacher.

When the minor child goes to school, he has to be taught the A, B, C’s and how to read, and until he can read on his own, he needs a teacher. In our case, we need a spiritual teacher or a guru, and when the power within him is awakened, and the child can read on his own, then the child will not require the teacher.

When a housewife goes shopping, she makes a list of what she wants to buy at the supermarket, but once she has bought what she needs, she no longer requires the list. So, she discards the list. In that way, teachers will need to teach you about Gurushakti.


A real guru is a person who can gather these universal forces and pass them on as a lending hand to help the person who is seeking self-integration. That is Gurushakti, and this is the birthright of every person because without Shakti or without that energy or power, no person could lift a hand, breathe, or do anything without that power within him.

But human beings have been acting and living in our highly sophisticated, hectic age automatically. These powers are just taken for granted. People live automatically. But if these powers are under a certain kind of conscious control, one could gain the maximum benefit for one’s benefit all the time, all the time.

… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang UK 1976 – 08