In Sanskrit, we have one word which is called Darshan. Most of you must have heard that word, Darshan, where people go and visit a holy person, and that person might not even say a word. Buddha’s greatest teachings were done in silence. If you are near or within the radius of the power that is emanated by the blissful person, it will somehow be felt.

That is why people on the spiritual path are always enjoined to be in holy company. It helps their spiritual path. It shows some form of Light, even if the mind does not understand it, something just happens, and we partake of that Bliss.

If we go and spend half an hour in a perfume factory, even without rubbing perfume on us, we will come out of the factory smelling like perfume. Commonly they say, it rubs off. Bliss, though being intangible, has its tangible aspects, and we can experience this in many other ways. We, for example, go into a church and the church has built up such an atmosphere there because of the good thoughts that have always been thought there. Because the name of the Lord has always been praised there, we feel a certain difference in us; a certain calmness descends upon us.

‘Likewise, it is always good to be in the company of Bliss. Unfortunately, as the sweetness of sugar cannot be defined but experienced, so the quality of Bliss that is experienced defies all definition. But those around a blissful person can share the joy and the Bliss that is experienced by him.

To attain this, Bliss requires a total amount of integration, the integration of body, mind and Spirit. Between body, mind and Spirit, the most powerful element is the spiritual element, and the nature of that spiritual element is Bliss.

It starts permeating the mind, every thought and every cell in a person’s body. So that intangible quality of Bliss could have its mental and physiological counterpart. The mind and the body could be used as vehicles to convey that inner Light, which is Bliss.

Therefore, we call people that have reached self-realization “illumined”, they are lit up.

… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang US 1977 – 10

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