Many times, this question has been asked to me. Guruji, define Gurushakti.

You have to experience it to know it. What is the reason for defining sugar or salt when you have not found the power yet to taste the sugar’s sweetness or the saltiness of the salt? What sense is there? But I see what is on your mind. You are looking for instant miracles, instant coffee, instant pudding – that is what you are looking for.

If you want the definition of Gurushakti in verbal, analytical terms, you will not find it because it is a form that is indefinable. It is a form of Grace imparted to you by the powers that represent itself through your beloved one, in our case, your Guru. It is a force and a power that has no mechanics at all. The beauty of it lies in the very factor of it being non-mechanically, without mechanics. It is an inner force imparted in the form of Grace.

Grace has no definition, for in all definitions, there is a beginning point and an ending, so you are defining. In defining, you are defining your mental processes to be able to understand them. If you cannot understand God, how can you understand Grace, which is Gurushakti?

But through the power that is, you can experience the depth, the Force, the power of Gurushakti.

To find the true value of Gurushakti comes slowly, gradually but surely, and you start experiencing it yourself. I want it to become permanent in your life, my beloved. Permanently it must be there.

… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang US 1987 – 20

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