In our daily life, obstacles will come but do not become faint-hearted, for you have the most significant force with you. The tremendous force of Divinity is with you and within you, and Divinity acts. It does not come down with a hammer or string to tie you up and pull you. He has His ways. He has His ways of showing you the path. You often find instances where you have a problem, and here you just happen to come upon a book and turn a page, and you read one passage, and your entire attitude changes. You see how that force works. It will work through every way and means, and then as the Bible says, He whom He loves most, He chastises.

He whom He loves most, He chastises. What is the purpose of that? What is the goal of all the obstacles? What is the purpose of all the suffering? If God is love and love is God? What is the purpose of it all?

The purpose is your evolution. The aim is to clear up, to undo all that you have done, not what God has done. Remember, every suffering that we have is by our own doing. We have been the planters. We have sown, and we must reap. That is the law of karma. God has helped there, too, because when you plant, he has brought the necessary sun, rain, and minerals into the ground for that seed to grow. But what kind of seed you are sowing is of your free will: lousy seed, rotten fruit. Good seed, good fruit. You cannot plant potatoes and expect tomatoes in return, but He is always with you. He is in the tomato and the potato. Therefore, as I have said before, your attitude is the most important thing.


I go on telling people to become responsible. Do not even depend upon the guru. The guru only has the torch to shine on the path, the lantern. But be dependent upon your own feet to walk. He will show you the way! He will give you the knowledge, the wisdom. He will stir your Heart and your soul and your mind. He will provide you with the courage to go on the path, the path of the heroes. He will show you how to reach home on the quickest road, for you have to reach home. You have to reach your father’s home! Why tarry and suffer? There is the path. Go! I will give you a push. And if there is a pothole or a little hill, come. Here is my hand. Hold. Let me help to pull you up. But you still have to move your blooming feet. That is how life works.

All this comes within the framework of love. The framework of unselfish love can be demonstrated not only by the guru’s love but also by the love of a father, mother, and children to the father and mother and vice versa. All this can be demonstrated in every aspect of life, and when this is well shown in every part of life, then we have some idea of what the living God is all about.

If I feel disappointed by the actions of someone, then that disappointment stems within me. I am not responsible for the actions of the other. So why must I be disappointed? The frustration stems from within me only because of what I have expected, my preconception. I get letters, thousands of pages a month from people, and so-and-so writes to me to say, “I love this one so much, but that one does not love me.” And this, that. No, no, no. Do not need. Do not want. “I will love you.” That is what the attitude should be. “I love you, and if you do not love me, OK. Fine. I cannot force you. I cannot force you to love me. That is a quality that has to come spontaneously from yourself.”


Always hope! Always have courage! Always have the strength to stand on one’s feet! Always have the power to feel responsible that everything happening to me is because of me and no one else! When a person understands that, we are indeed on the path to happiness. We are indeed on the path of togetherness. This togetherness comes about, to repeat, through spiritual practices and conscious effort to better ourselves, and when these two are put together, Grace dawns on you. The fresh air is always there, as I have said many times. Open the window. The fresh air is there! Grace is there! Grace is not an elusive girl. We are elusive. Does the Bible not say, “Knock and the door shall be opened. Seek, and thou shalt find.” So who has to do it first? We! We have to knock! We have to seek! And then, automatically, everything is there. Desires would be fulfilled.


Here is something new I will tell you: good desires will be fulfilled, and selfish desires will be fulfilled, too, if you knock and seek. Yes, selfish desires, too, will be fulfilled. But beware of the consequences! Because the thought forces are so, so powerful that even selfish desires can be fulfilled. But there is an aftermath, and it has its consequences which in the long term will add to greater suffering. Immediate, it is excellent. There is a lovely table filled with all the world’s delicacies, but you do not need to be a glutton. There is all the beautiful food to eat. Fine. But if you overeat, very soon there will be indigestion.

You have been selfish in your gluttony, but the consequence is indigestion. That applies both ways, for the energies, the Spiritual Forces, are forever neutral. It depends on how you want to use them.


So, there is nothing to fear. There is nothing to lose. There is nothing to be disappointed about. There is nothing to mope over. And there is no need for unhappiness in love, for the more significant the awareness man develops, the more could he conceive of love. Dante said, “The greater the man, the greater his love.” So why be unhappy? Why be bloody fools? What for?

Be joyous! Life is a celebration. Everything around you is celebrating. Look outside. These trees are growing. The grass is growing. These flowers are blooming. What are they doing? They are celebrating the glory of Divinity! They are spontaneously celebrating the glory of Divinity. So, if we put the mind box aside through our meditational and spiritual practices, we will also celebrate every moment of life. Every moment is a celebration. Every moment is creative, for every moment is not the moment of your mind or your body. The moment is of Divinity, and the entirety of Divinity exists at that moment! Do you see how simple it is?

… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang US 1980 – 02