Many people talk of annihilating the ego. What is the necessity to annihilate the ego? What is the necessity to destroy the ego? No, keep the ego by all means – but let the ego be permeated with the higher Self in us so that two things happen, we uplift the ego towards Divinity and we bring down Divinity to the ego. Two-way process and that makes it simpler.

So, a self-realised man is not a person who walks around 6 inches above the ground. He is not a self-realised man, he is just a magician. A self-realised man, as he reaches greater and greater levels of his spirituality, the more and more simple he becomes. He becomes so ordinary, if we should pass him in the street, without grossness of mind we might not even recognize him.

If we just concentrate on one area of our weakness and strengthen that area, then automatically all the other negativities – that are blood brothers of that weakness – becomes strengthened totally. When we have our weaknesses, we don’t need to work on them one at a time. It is not necessary. Work on one major weakness and the rest takes care of itself. So that speeds up the path towards Self-realisation.

When we say: “Man can achieve self-realisation in one lifetime,” it means to strengthen one weakness. When that one weakness is strengthened the other strengths automatically appear to eradicate the weaknesses of the other part of our life.


If we come face to face, with our major weakness and the major weaknesses is only to be discovered by us. If I tell you, that this is your major weakness, it might have some impact upon you, but when you discover your major weakness by yourself, it has the greatest impact. Because it has an inbuilt factor discovering the major weakness of yourself by yourself. It has the inbuilt factor of wanting to be rid of that major weakness. So, that does not come as knowledge, that comes as a realisation.

If someone tells me this is my weakness, I will listen to the logic and accept it with the mind. But when I discover the weakness myself, then I realise, that this is my weakness. So, the difference is between acquired knowledge and realised knowledge.

When we realise a thing to ourselves, and that is basically what the teacher has to do, is to make man realise himself what his weaknesses are. The teacher gives practices, whereby the person could gain enough strength and courage to look at himself in the mirror, as we always say. And looking at himself in the mirror is not seeing the teachers face. It’s seeing his own face. He’s facing up to himself and then effort is required to eradicate that weakness.

So, the path to Self-realisation is a pathless path. Man is already self-realised within him because the Divinity within him is forever there and by removing one weakness, the major one, all else is removed and here the Light shines in its glory.

Gururaj Ananda Yogi: SATSANG UK 1977 – 13

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