Divinity, at a certain level just below the realms of the absolute, is described as existence.  It is described as knowledge, and it is described as bliss.  So, existence, knowledge and bliss could be taken as a manifestation and not a creation.

To repeat, all existence is a manifestation and not a creation because the perfect being does not require to create.  It has no need.  The manifestation of the Manifestor is just as eternal as the unmanifest.  In other words, it means that God exists because you exist, and you exist because God exists.


So, the Creator and creation are two aspects of the same thing. When we view creation, we take it to be manifestation. All the problems that we see, all the evolutionary processes that we see, is in the manifestation.  There is a magnetic pull between the manifestor and the manifestation, and the desire is not in the manifestor,  but desire is created in that which is manifested.  And, because of that desire and the magnetic pull, creation wants to become one with the creator or manifestation wants to become one with the manifestor.  From the absolute angle, nothing else exists but Divinity, the eternal One, the omnipresent One.


There are certain schools of thought that will tell you that all manifestation is an illusion.  True –  “Maya” they call it in Sanskrit.  All manifestation is an illusion, but the illusion is only to the absolute.  The illusion is not for the relative.  For the relative, the absolute is an illusion. It works both ways.

To the absolute, the manifestation is an illusion, and to the manifestation, the absolute is an illusion. We are governed by rules and laws of the relative, and therefore, we, as relative beings are real.  If we were not real, then I could say that unreality is speaking to unreality.  What is the purpose?  It would be useless.  So, from the relative realms, we are real.

……… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang US 1977 – 04

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