What a word – eternally; It is so powerful – if you could only grasp within your hearts the meaning of the word eternally. You are out of this world, apart from all these clashes. Nothing can hurt you – you are too pure to be hurt. On the surface, yes, in that little way you are still governed by the three gunas: tamas has to be there, the weed; sattva has to be there, the wheat; and both interact through rajas, the activating factor.

So having reached purity, you get temporarily hurt, but you are not touched: there is the difference. Hurt on the surface passes away because everything on the surface is transient and temporary. But when you get touched, that is dangerous; then the karmic impressions start rolling around in your mind. However, if you allow your mind not to be touched, then you are not affected: Your true Self is not affected.

So let the wheat be there and the weeds be there; I stand on the hill, observing the interplay, “Ah, how beautiful…. The wheat and the weeds. So nice – both are necessary.”

Are not the weeds also created by Divinity? And what is wrong with the weeds? I do wish people would put weeds to good use. They could become a food; yes, they could. I believe people are doing something with seaweed.

So, that which we regard to be evil can be redirected; the same energy can be redirected in such a way that it can be beneficial and fruitful. Why rely on the wheat alone? If I am in the place where there are only weeds and wheat, I’ll take the wheat and make bread; I’ll take the weeds and make curry,

….. Gururaj Ananda Yogi

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