Everything is Divine, and when you realise that everything is Divine, you will first have to realise that you are Divine. That Divinity is gained through our spiritual and meditational practices, where the totality becomes a reality instead of an abstract conception of an unknown God.

It is an impossibility to know God. You cannot know God, because the very idea of knowing God means that you are using your mind to know something abstract. How can the finite ever conceive of that which is infinite? You can never know God, that is a fallacy perpetrated upon humankind; but surely you can experience God.

What do we mean by experiencing God? It is experiencing yourself, and when you experience yourself in totality and not fragmentedly, then you are experiencing God. There is nothing up there. There is nothing below there. Everything is here, and every person has the ability and the capability to experience himself.


But we run so far away from it. It is like the musk deer – running around trying to find the fragrance. Running around and around and around, it became exhausted and fell. In the falling it discovered that the musk was in its navel. That is where musk comes from, for the information of you ladies. So, the musk, that fragrance, is there within you, and you seek it outside of you. You try to find that fragrance, that happiness of life, that joy in all the things around you: beautiful bungalows, cars, this, that and that. You run around, and you get tired and exhausted until you collapse. What is the sense of collapsing when here and now you can find the musk just there and enjoy its fragrance?

The most significant pain in life is running around seeking for that illusionary happiness outside when it really is inside. So simple!

If it is inside, what precludes itself from expressing itself outside? That illusory mind forever running around the park all the time, and that is how pain comes about. Because when you run around in the park there might have been dogs or cats around and the smells might not be nice – and that is the pain that you suffer. Otherwise, essentially, by your own nature, you have the fragrance within yourself.

My message is of love, joy and hope, which I do not say in defiance of other theologies. These teachings are for the world – and then people start realising that I am Divine, I am Yahweh.

I am Divine means there is no one outside of me. I am that I am, and I will forever be. This I must learn to see.

If I want to see, I have to be standing outside myself to be able to see myself. But this is not necessary – the Seeing is the inner being, where you experience yourself in total joy and bliss. Then, where are you? You just are. Finish – problem settled.

When you stand outside yourself and see yourself, that is where all the pains come from, that is where all the sufferings come from. I love you. I love you. I love you. That is what my mind tells me, but I do not love you. I am love, and you are in me, which is also love.

The question of I and you disappear. There’s no question left. This is not a matter of identification only, because to find identification, you require the identifier. To see, and the act of seeing, and the seen becomes three different entities when there is only one. How can you divide up Divinity into three parts? The Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost is but the same – there is no separation because the Father is the Son, and the Spirit that connects the Father with the Son is the Holy Ghost. You see. There is only one: one, one, one. No separation!


Life is eternal; it is eternity itself. How can you escape from that which is eternal? It is a complete entity in its entirety. You have got to live it but live it joyfully, live it with understanding, live it with experiencing yourself through your spiritual practices, and then you will say, “Aha, life is really worth living.”

When you experience the beauty within yourself, you will experience the beauty that is everywhere around you, because you have become that beauty. That tree outside, is it a beautiful tree? I do not want to observe that tree with my eyes and analyse it with my mind: the shape and size of the branches that are there. I merge away into the tree and experience the tree. When you can experience yourself, then you experience everything around you as yourself.

When you experience everything around you as yourself, then you love everything, because there is no person in full sanity that hates himself. You learn to love yourself; Man know thyself. And in that knowingness or experiencing, you love yourself. And when you can love yourself, all your problems will vanish. Your fears and doubts and anger and anguishes and anxieties, they all disappear because you love yourself. All the fears will be gone, for what are you fearing? Let us use a simple analogy. You are crossing the road, and a car is coming, and you are fearing the car is going to knock you down. But why and how can it knock you down if you are standing on the curb and being still until that car passes?

You see the understanding that man requires, that understanding of that beauty that you are? It will transform your life in one second. When this understanding is gained, this understanding has to be strengthened. And how do you strengthen this understanding that you have gained is by doing your spiritual practices regularly. For in that togetherness of your mind, body and spirit you accumulate greater strength and greater energy.

As you gradually gain greater and greater energy, you will find atonement or at-one-ment within yourself. And once that is found, then what is there to bother about, what is there to worry about? Then all the illusions disappear. The disappearance or dissipation of illusion would give you the sense of reality, and reality is life itself. And life itself is God.

… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang US 1984 – 22

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