There are many ways to achieve self-realisation. Self-realisation is synonymous with self- integration, self-integration is synonymous with God-realisation, and God-realisation is synonymous with enlightenment or having achieved the highest state of consciousness.

Living the life of a householder can also lead one to enlightenment. The reason we want to reach enlightenment is that consciously or unconsciously every person is seeking for happiness.

Happiness as we understand it is only a grosser expression of the inherent joy or bliss that is within us. That joy and bliss that is within us, the Kingdom of Heaven that is within us is forever wanting to express itself.


As with everything else, if you observe the workings of nature around you, everything is forever trying to express itself. The seed tries to express itself in the form of the flower. The flower tries to express itself in the form of the fragrance it sends forth. Like that, in every way, there is this essence that is the Divine power that is forever wanting to express itself.

Man has conditioned his mind through various experiences of this lifetime, perhaps previous lifetimes. He has conditioned or patterned his mind in such a way that he has created blocks to the expression of his real inner Self. As he removes the blocks, as he removes the veils, the more and more can the Divinity within be expressed.

You do not need to consciously express the Divinity,  but you have to create the conditions for the Divinity to shine.


You can use the analogy of a light bulb. You take the light bulb and wrap around it various pieces of cloth so that the light does not shine through. As we slowly unravel or take off these various coverings, more and more light is shining through. The light is forever there, but it is we that have to remove these veils, remove these coverings, until all are removed, and the light stands in its naked glory. That is enlightenment.

Enlightenment – light! It is there and does not require development – it requires unfoldment.

……… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang US 1978 – 38

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