The universe is nothing but vibration, and vibration in a congealed form are perceptible by the gross senses. The gross senses have a great link to the ten percent of the conscious mind, but if we go beyond the gross senses to the finer senses within oneself – which some call the sixth sense – then we will have contact with far deeper layers of the mind.

When we meditate and go into deeper and deeper layers of the mind, we can enhance all our physical senses. And not only enhance them but use them as instruments whereby the sixth sense can be activated. It is the activation of the sixth sense that helps a person to perceive things in greater depth. It helps a person to have greater awareness. It helps a person to enter the realms of knowingness.

The conscious mind is a mind which is an analytical mind. It is a rationalistic mind, and its rationalizations reach only to a certain level because it has not the full range. Ninety percent of the mind is dormant, so naturally it does not have the full range and the full power. It is like you having a six-cylinder motor car and you are only operating on two cylinders. The car has not got that Force.


Through our individually prescribed practices, and there are hundreds of kinds of practices individually prescribed to people, we are actively awakening the subtler levels of ourselves, and in this awakening, we go deeper and deeper within ourselves. The purpose of doing this, the purpose of achieving a heightened sense of awareness or a deeper perception is that we can start to honestly know ourselves.

As every scripture would say, that man’s first duty is “know thyself”, and that is what we are trying to do, we are trying to know ourselves – to know the reality within ourselves.

Every man has three aspects: the physical, the mental and the spiritual. And all problems in life begin because these three aspects do not function in harmony.

Man undergoes all kinds of problems and troubles because of the disharmony between the three aspects of himself. They could be emotional, they could be physical, they could be psychological, or they could be psychosomatic.

Meditation and spiritual practices do not only develop this deep awareness, this greater awareness and deeper perception, but it also brings about harmony within ourselves. A harmony between the three aspects of man.


When that harmony is created within oneself, then what the mind has gained is transferred to the Heart and the other way around what the Heart gains is transferred to the mind. In the modern world, we find that people are more intellectually orientated, and the world is very steadily progressing to a stage where people are becoming intellectual morons. That is because of the misuse of the various inventions that the mind has been capable of, and when man is developing finer levels of the intellect, then more and more inventions will come about. More and more discoveries into subtler and subtler matter will come about, and that will be used. Up to now, it has mostly been used destructively, but of course, some in a good way too.

If the development of finer levels of the intellect is combined with the expansion of the Heart, if the expansion of the mind is combined with spiritual unfoldment, this combination of the opening of the Heart and the expansion of the mind could bring about a far more balanced personality.

When the Heart opens, and the mind gains greater awareness, the mind will not use the powers gained in a wrong way because it will be guided by the opened Heart, which is Love.


The purpose of all religions is to teach man how to love, and not only how to love but how to express Love and how to live Love. Because if that Force permeates through all our thinking, then our thinking could never be wrong. It could never be wrong, and it could never be used destructively.

The knowingness comes about when man gains greater harmony within himself, between his body, mind and Spirit.


In the process of meditation, which gradually becomes deeper and deeper, one comes to a level of the subtler section of the mind where you could hear the subtle sounds that are permeating the universe, or have all kinds of flashy experiences.

These experiences are not necessary to have. A person can reach a state of knowingness without having any experiences because all these experiences which are translatable by the mind necessarily belong to the relative level, and the range of the relativity is as vast as the entire universe.

To some people, the experiences in meditation could be little pointers or milestones that could act as an encouragement. But it is not entirely necessary to go through the experiences of hearing any sounds or having fantastic visions or things like that. They are not required.

The most important thing to be achieved in meditation is to see how it benefits our daily life. The one hour that is spent in meditation should be able to improve the twenty-three hours of the day.

The aim of meditation is not to sit down and have all these fantastic visions and flashes and things. They are good. It is encouraging, but it is not a necessary must, and neither is it any criteria for a person’s spiritual development.

The greatest criteria in meditation are to see how we can face ourselves squarely in the mirror and how we can overcome these problems and how much smoother our life has become. That is the purpose of meditation.

… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang US 1977 – 37

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