Forget the opening of the third eye; concentrate on the opening of the Heart! As awareness expands through meditational practices, all so-called supernatural powers come automatically, but our end and aim are not for these supernatural powers.

You see how paradoxical this is, or how misinterpreted this whole thing is, where Patanjali brought forth and systematised Raja Yoga and said, “Do not go for developing Siddhis,” and then in our twentieth century, that in the theory is supposed to be a civilised century, people encourage Siddhis’s development and add greater blockages to more significant spiritual progress and to the recognition and the living of that pure consciousness within us. These are the false idols that should be discarded.

Some people may not know the word Siddhis. Siddhis mean supernatural powers, and there is nothing supernatural. As we know, we call things that we do not know about supernatural. The aeroplane, wireless, and telephone were supernatural a hundred years ago. Today it is so natural because we have understood the workings of specific subtle laws; we have understood the workings of sound waves, though they are invisible. Yet we have known the workings of it, and that is how the radio and the telephone came about. So, for a person to levitate or project oneself to another dimension is not supernatural; it is very natural. But what is it going to benefit you? That is the question. Is it not better to chuck away these false gods and go direct to God? Is that not our purpose and end and aim in Life? To know Divinity, to experience Divinity and to find oneness with Divinity.

Because if you are mixed up with these E.S.P.s and extrasensory perceptions, you will forget Divinity. Every Sage that has lived has always said, “Do not mix yourself in these, do not have these practices as an aim.” On the path to Divinity, your perception develops. You see the beauty, then regard it to be Divinity’s beauty, and when you walk through the garden, enjoy the flowers, enjoy the beauty of the flowers and the rockery and the trees and the lawns, jazz music too. Enjoy this – it is also an expression but do not get stuck there. Do not get stuck at that jazz radio; move on or close the windows.
You will find that we are very fun-loving. Our motto is the three L’s, Life, Love, and Laughter.

… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang UK 1977 – 11


There are no psychic powers in this world that could have a bad influence on you, and this is a great misunderstanding that must be corrected. For no one’s psychic abilities, no one’s thoughts can ever affect you if you are strengthened within yourself.

You will not feel the cold outside if you put on your overcoat, and that overcoat is the spiritual practice that gives you the strength so that no one could ever have any influence over you, and you are not to be influenced by anyone except by yourself.

Use the analytical process of the mind, use the energies of the core of your personality and be strong. Why should you be weak when you are born strong? You have every ability within yourself, and yet you subject yourself to outer influences when it is unnecessary. To repeat over and over and over again, realise that Divinity is within yourself. Because this message is so hard to understand, do not use your mind to understand me. Use your Heart to feel me; that feeling is not an emotion. It is not emotion because emotion is a mixture of thought and feeling. But when it comes to pure feeling for which I have no other word to describe it, it becomes a knowingness, to know that which is Divine.
So, forget the psychics; that is rubbish.


If you feel very good with a person, continue that feeling of very good but ask yourself one question, what is the motivation behind that feeling of very goodness? If the motivation is pure, there is nothing wrong. If the reason has certain connotations which are not pure, then discard the person.

These mediums are a whole load of rubbish. Who can be the medium between you and God? There is no medium. There is no medium at all. You might have great teachers coming to teach you the truths of Life, but that is all; remember that. That is all.

How do these mediums operate? It is so simple; I could teach it to you all in two- or three months’ time. Just to spend some time with me and I could teach you all these tricks. I could teach you the tricks of psychometry, clairvoyance, mind reading; you name it.

When the mediums say they are getting messages from another source, then know that that source is too busy to contact you. That medium has found the little ability, which is tiny, to go to the deeper recesses of the mind, and at that time, that person might have been possessed with excellent knowledge or have learned and poured it through, thinking it is another being like Seth or Beth or –


You see how we get deluded by all this rubbish in the world. The medium has just developed the ability to go to the deeper recesses of the mind, reaching another period of existence within themselves and pouring out what they had learnt there. I would never advise anyone to go to a medium or a psychic; they could do you more harm than good. Go to God. Because God does not require someone to give you messages through some little evolving soul, existing somewhere in some other dimension and who is not fully developed or else he will not or cannot make any contact, for if you are still in the process of development, how can you make contact.

It is a logical, physiological, biological, and psychological impossibility. Do not go to mediums, and do not waste your money. Instead, give it to your church, some orphanage, or something good that could help people.


The other trick a medium would use is mind reading, which I could teach you in a couple of weeks. These things are so simple, and they are of no importance whatsoever in a person’s Life. How will it help you go to a fortune teller, a psychic or a mind reader? The mind reader picks up your thinking of Auntie Mary and tells you about Auntie Mary to make you feel happy. And after you finish bucks.

You see the racket I am trying to destroy in this world, rackets in the name of psychics, noise in the name of religions, racket in the name of cults. People are so gullible because of a lack within themselves. They get taken in by anything. They feel something is lacking, and they think something is missing. They feel a gap, and they want to fill the void. That is why they go around to the psychics and mediums and bullshitters and cultists and all these damn money-making false gurus around the world. But let us fill the gap right, and God and his Grace can only fill that gap. That is what I am trying to say.


You go to a psychic, Madam Gypsy; what does she do? Firstly, she has to be a wise psychologist. She looks at you, she sums you up, and the first thing she will say is, “Oh, you got to cross my palm”, which means putting money in the hand. Then she starts telling you of yourself. We could, with any person of any bit of perception, could convey anything of any other. You ask anyone here, and I will read your whole Life for you without even looking at your hand. So, these guys develop this little ability and use it to make money for themselves, and it has become a racket, and to repeat to you, these rackets must be destroyed—all these cults, all these money-making gurus, all these religions that are not religions. And by doing that, we will find the truth within ourselves. That is what we want to do; we want to see the truth within ourselves, by ourselves, with ourselves. Okay, you need a teacher, so what? He is a teacher that guides you along the line and says, “this is the way to Chelsea, and this is the way to Birmingham” That is all.

I sincerely hope that our family do not get mixed up in this cultish-ness, in these ways of thinking that might sound so plausible but do not show you your inner Self. If you feel troubled, you can take a Valium or Librium, any doctors around or any of these things that would calm you. But how long is it going to last? That is the question. Two hours later, you are feeling lousy again.


No. We want permanency, and that permanency can only be brought about by infusing the Divinity within us into the subconscious, then to the conscious and then to the physical Life that we are expressing as the action of the Superconscious. We want that permanency, for we are permanent, and we are immortal. But by dwelling just on the mind or body alone, you feel troubled, and then you take Valiums and all those other tranquillisers.

I am trying to tell you that it is so simple. The greatest tranquilliser is that Divine force; through your spiritual practices, you infuse it into the subconscious, the conscious and the body. Then you will need nothing else. By that infusion, you are so aware, and you become alive when you become aware of that Divinity. You become active instead of being dead. To be one hundred per cent in Life is what we aim at, and that aliveness comes from awareness. You have to be aware of Life. To be aware of Life, instead of being asleep to live, to be mindful of Life. For Life contains that joy that beauty is unlimited and requires no control. It becomes spontaneous, joyful, and blissful.

Although you are performing all the actions that you are doing in your work or home or whatever during your entire day, you know the beauty of Divinity because you are alive. So, why tranquillise yourself? Is there any good reason? Problems come and go, so what? Once we have this aliveness, issues do not become problematic. Problem, problem, probe, and once you can learn to probe by the totality of yourself, then the solution is automatic, and nothing becomes problematic.

… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang UK 1982 – 16