Free will was not created: it is an emanation or projection of the Divine will. Through the process that this emanation or manifestation has gone through, it has gathered dust and dirt around it so that the Divine will have been covered up. To work according to Divine will is to live a natural life, but because of free will, we have made a natural life into an unnatural life.

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The body, like a beautiful flute, is just a hollow reed, a piece of wood. We need to develop the attitude that Divinity resides in everything and that it is not my will but Thy will that counts. Then the music that flows through the hollow reed becomes enjoyable, not only to yourself but for those around you. That is the purpose of life.

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It is the nature of the little wills to join themselves and become one with the great will or Divinity. It is inherent in everyone because we are subject to the force of evolution. Evolution takes you from stillness back to stillness. You come from home and you have to go back home. But the night might be dark, and a lantern may be needed to light your path. Do you see how one’s will can become attuned to Divine will? Not by wishful thinking but by having a one-pointedness towards the goal – that is how the little will becomes joined to the Divine will.

……… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: “The Master Reflects”

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