We are limping through life when we don’t need to.

There’s nothing wrong with you! Nothing wrong at all. If you can draw from deep within yourself, that supreme force, that supreme energy that is already there, then you will realize that you are not limping, you are not uncomfortable, for all comfort is yours.

For is suffering and misery, not all happening in the mind, which reflects itself in the physical body? But we can put that mind in proper gear –until you reach a stage where you go beyond the mind. Don’t go off the mind, go beyond the mind.

That inner light is so easy to bring about in our lives. It’s the simplest thing and the most joyous and blissful.

You don’t see the truth that you are already: “I am that I am, Yahweh.”


Nothing is ever lost that cannot be regained. And it will be regained! People worry when they lose money, for example, in a business. People worry when they lose love. But have they really thought that they themselves are lost in Maya, in illusion, and not recognizing themselves?

You have lost because you have not found yourself. And yet, there’s nothing to find.

How about trying to find that in losing. To find yourself in losing yourself, then you know the meaning of life. Then life becomes beautiful. To find yourself in losing yourself means that you are losing the surface level of yourself and finding your inner Self. And that is where all the strength lies. That is the abode of peace. That is where everything stems from, comes from. What more do you want?


We want peace. We want harmony within ourselves, and if we are harmonious everything becomes harmonious to us. The world could be at war, no peace, everything is tumbling down, but if you are peaceful, you don’t take notice of that. It doesn’t affect you.

Like that poem by Rudyard Kipling “IF.” Because the gist of it is this, that let the whole world turn topsy-turvy and I standstill. And then you’re a man, my son–it ends that way. You see how beautiful.

Rudyard Kipling spent a lot of years in India, he wrote some stupid books like “Kim” and things like that, but the gist of this poem comes from a very deep, high philosophy.

And the philosophy is this: “Be still and know that I am God.”

……… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang US 1983 – 01

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