We find a situation painful or hurtful because we dive in the mind and go through the cubbyholes in the subconscious and find another experience that in turn finds some other experience, and another experience and those all combine there. And then you compare this experience with those, and then the subconscious mind translates itself into the conscious mind and says, “this is pain,” or “this is ugly.”

Where does the ugliness come from? Not from the object. The ugliness comes from the impressions or samskaras that are already in the subconscious mind. And that is what we have to get rid of.

The only way to get rid of this is through meditation where we burn the seeds of karma, so they don’t grow. We use that Universal Force that gets rid of all the karma. Then you go beyond this very small relative law that “whatever you have sown, that you shall reap.”

It is very true but in a very limited form. Man has the ability, and this is the message for this century and the next six centuries to come, that do not feel guilty of the things that you have done, or the things that you have caused to have been done, for you can go beyond it all. It can all be discarded like a dirty garment. It can all be washed away under the shower of the Light that is deep down within us. And we have got to interpret it in life’s daily actions.

We must never say, “Oh, my baby is crying so I cannot sit down to meditate. I have to look after the baby.” True, you must look after the baby. But let the baby’s cry become a meditation to you instead of disturbing you. You comfort the child with love, and is meditation, not something that generates that love? You have been given an opportunity to generate love.

Vivekananda tells a nice story. He says you sit down to meditate and the doorbell rings. You get up from your meditation, you answer the door and do whatever is required, come back and sit down again to meditate. But remember one thing: regard yourself getting up and answering the door and coming back to be also a part of your meditation.

Life can never be separated from spirituality because, to repeat, again and again, it was never ever separate. And the separation we find between life and God is just a creation of our own minds, like a projection on a cinema screen, a movie screen, which is not real at all.

……… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang US 1983 – 10

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