Gurushakti is the basis of your meditation. The communication between you and your Guru is the basis of your meditation because even if you are doing mantra practice, if you are given a mantra, and everyone is not given a mantra, remember that the mantra contains the Force of the entire Universe, of Divinity itself.

Through this little channel, through this hollow flute He blows, and you listen to the music. I am but the flute.

This lovely lady that says that she enjoys doing the mantra practice, it is relaxing and everything, but she can’t reconcile herself with the Gurushakti practice. I told her, “Look, that is the basis of your meditation. The communication between you and your Guru is the basis of your meditation”.

You might deny on one side the remembrance of your Guru which is Gurushakti, and yet you practice the mantra which contains all the Gurushakti? Do you see the contradiction? Why? Because you don’t understand. If you define Gurushakti then you would be trying to define God. And God is Grace.

Your mind is finite and could never comprehend the infinite no matter how much you try. Your mind is not capable of the analytical process that could define something which is not analysable. How can you do it? You can’t analyse it, but it works, and you experience it.


With the Gurushakti practice, it is a remembrance. You cannot conceive of the abstract. That is beyond your mind. But you can conceive of something concrete, and that concreteness is just but a focal point to reach the Abstract. Through the concrete, you reach the Abstract and you experience the Abstract. You don’t experience the Guru, but you experience that which the Guru symbolizes.

Do your practices. The more you put in, the more you get. Just a remembrance. Gurushakti practice is the most powerful practice you will ever find that will keep your individual self attuned to the universal Self, that will keep you attuned, your little “I” to the big “I” and that is in you and nowhere else. That is the basis of these practices.


When you are given a program of four or five practices, remember they are totally interlinked. They are not separate practices, but they are supplementary to each other.

There is not a single person in this world who would be totally regular, and I don’t mind. There are times when you are rushed for something, something happens, Auntie Mary had an accident and you rush away, and you don’t do your practices. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you miss once or twice. It doesn’t matter. Don’t be concerned. But be as regular as you can. If you don’t turn on your TV, there is no reception. Turn it on and you get your pictures and your stories.

These things are to be remembered and not only to be remembered but to be digested; and not only to be digested but to be assimilated so it becomes part and parcel of you where you become the mantra, for you are nothing else but a vibration congealed.

The Word was with God and the Word is God. We know that. So, become that God, the living God, for you are It. You are hiding behind artificially created barriers and artificially created barriers are artificial that could be blown away. I have said this many times before, that the relationship between Guru and chela is a love affair at its purest level. It has nothing to do with the body. It is communication – a communion.

A true Guru is a father, a friend, a pal, a buddy, a confidante. You can cry on his shoulders or laugh with him. You could have your tears of joy with him: You could have your tears of sorrow with him because he knows, he has gone through the whole bloody works.

… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang US 1982-19

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