Heaven is precisely 5.000 million miles, 3 yards and 2 feet away from here. I am joking; you know that. It is not only Christianity that believes in heaven and hell; the Hindus, the Buddhists, the Christians, the Daoists, and Islam. They are not teaching the original teachings; they are putting more emphasis on evil. By focusing on evil and subjecting you to eternal damnation, they hold a stick over your head.

When they could not keep an organised church with love and understanding, they devised the method of frightening you, which is why I am here to change these misconceptions. Because if God is love and a God of justice and compassion, He will not put you to eternal damnation, and heaven and hell are all in your mind.

When you indulge in the grosser surface levels of life, like the turbulent waves on the ocean and your boat is tossed up and down. That is hell. You dive deep into the sea and find quietness and peace there, heaven. So, hell and heaven are here and not somewhere up in the sky or below the earth. Heaven and hell are in the Heart. As we live our lives, we can create heaven and hell for us, which is why the Almighty has given us free will.


Every cell in your body is pulsating in a system, and wherever there is a system, there is cohesion, and that very cohesion is love. You are made of love, and when all the dirt in the mind is removed, you start feeling that love vibrating in you for yourself and others, and that is heaven, and all those around you become angels, for you see Divinity in them also. So, hell and heaven are here.

The Bible or the Vedas of the Hindus we have today are not the original as they were composed; they are severely edited. This editing was done by the fathers that founded the churches. Then church became so organised that today it has become a business, and that is why instead of the churches becoming full, they are becoming emptier. Because the people that teach in the churches, the temples, and the synagogues do not know what they are talking about because real knowledge and wisdom come from experience, not from book knowledge.

Anyone can go to a theological college for three or four years and become a church minister, but the real three or four years or ten years or ten lifetimes for studies must be in the subject of experience. I will never speak to you of God if I have not experienced God, and if I do that, I am the world’s greatest hypocrite. Most of the priests we have today are hypocrites, and I challenge all of them, including every guru, on any platform anywhere in the world.

… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang ES 1980 – 03