You can become non-aggressive yourself, but you cannot change this world. Rama tried nine thousand years ago. Buddha tried two and a half thousand years ago. Jesus tried two thousand years ago, yet the same form of aggression remains. Even in Jesus’ time, there was so much aggression that he was hanged on the cross. Look at that aggression against such a God on earth. Aggression will always be there, but we, as meditators or some of you that are not yet, would become so; we take away the aggression from ourselves through meditation and spiritual practices.

When you are freed from aggression, remember that the people you encounter will feel that non-aggressiveness in you. In Sanskrit, it is called Ahimsa, non-aggression. You will feel it within yourself, and when you feel it within yourself and live it, then whoever’s path you cross, they too will become non-aggressive because everything emanates a specific force, a certain energy.


Every one of you is emanating a special force, a specific energy. Even this flower is emanating its fragrance or whatever. There is an emanation all the time, and if you emanate peace because you are peaceful inside, then others around you will feel that peace too. I have never known anyone in this world, and I do not speak from books; I only speak from personal experiences; I do not know anyone who hates me because I love everyone. So how can they hate me if I love everyone? You radiate that peace; you radiate that power; you radiate that force of Divinity. So how can you hate? And hatred is behind all aggression.

An imbalance also backs up aggression; you can call it psychosis, neurosis or whatever terminology you want to use. But that, too, is created by oneself. Anything that you make, you can uncreate always. There is no such thing as impossible. If I quarrel with my wife, for example, it must have happened about thirty-odd years ago, but by the time I get to bed, there is no quarrel. Therefore, if you sleep in twin beds, chuck them out and buy a double bed.

An average person has an aura; it radiates to the extent of six feet around him. A Spiritual Master, his aura extends your whole city. But we are not talking of Spiritual Masters; we are talking of us here now; we develop an aura or an emanation – aura is a word used in occultism, and we are not interested in occultism, extending this emanation for six feet.

Husband and wife sleeping together bathe each other in each other’s emanations, so more effective and greater closeness forms. You are imbibing from your partner, and your partner is imbibing from you, and those same energies that you are exuding become one energy between the two, and then there are no two left anymore. There is only one left: the emanation. That emanation is always there, even during sleep, intermingling with your beloved. I would still like to find someone who has slept in the same room with me and not feel better about it the next day. They definitely would, and that is true.


Many reformers came upon this Mother Earth, and yet people that lived during the time of Jesus are non-better than the people that are living today. The teachings I give are the same as all the great Masters have taught. There is only one difference that I teach according to these times. I teach according to the times when people can understand. In Jesus’ time, he had to teach those fishermen and peasants differently. In Buddha’s time, he had to teach, in Krishna’s time in his way, in Mahavir’s time in his way, to suit the times of the people.

If there were a group of University Professors here to whom I have lectured many times, I would make it according to their needs, technically correct, which they would appreciate more. But that kind of talk will not help here. You want to drive a message home into the human heart and not talk above their heads. When you know what you are talking about, you can speak of the most profound truths in the simplest terms. That is what I learned at Santiniketan, the Institution which Rabindranath Tagore, the Nobel Prize winner, founded, Santiniketan. He won the Nobel Prize in nineteen thirteen for his book “Gitanjali.” It is a beautiful book. You must read a slim little volume; just try to get it. I remember there is one poem in there which is so beautiful. I have quoted it so often, not only quoting but living it, even before I read Gitanjali “I am nothing else but an instrument, a piece of wood, and He blows his Divine melodies through this little piece of wood so that the world could enjoy the beautiful symphony.” I am not the doer; He is the doer, the blower. If you ask me half an hour later what I spoke about, I will not remember.


Back to aggression – how aggressive do you feel sitting there? After speaking for about forty-five minutes now, do you think you are less aggressive within yourself, yes or no? Put up your hands. Nearly everyone. What caused this? Ask yourself what caused this. I will tell you what caused it. He is blowing the tune, and you are listening to what He is blowing through this little piece of wood. All your troubles and problems get forgotten immediately, called “Dharshan,” a Sanskrit word; it means to be in the presence of a man of God. That is what it means, Dharshan.

The day will come one day when I will just sit here, just quiet with my eyes closed, and you will sit there just undisturbed, and all the mental turmoil and aggressions and what have you that are in mind will resolve themselves immediately. It will require preparation—regular meditation and spiritual practices – are essential.

Life is so, so simple, so, so, simple. We fools make it complicated. So, the aggression must first be taken out of us through meditation and spiritual practices. You will find that you can spot a meditator, a true meditator, and a regular meditator a mile away, and just to be in the presence of a true meditator is a blessing in itself. Forget the guru; he only comes around once or twice a year. It is a blessing in itself because, as I said before and to repeat, you are forever emanating something, and the other person can feel it. So become non-aggressive yourself, and you will help the people around you. You definitely will. If you are living with your mother and father, husband and children, they will feel it in some way or another.

… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang UK 1984 – 01