When a person is in a coma, nothing happens to the Spirit, for to be is to be the Spirit. What else can you be? But something happens to the mind, and science will tell you that certain brain areas will send you off into a coma or a suspension because the brain cannot act in a particular manner.

That suspension is a coma, whereby you cannot relate to the body, the mind and the Spirit, and you cannot become functional. That is a coma. A coma can be brought about by some kinds of chemical deficiencies in the system, and a coma can be brought about by a traumatic experience where the mind blocks off totally.

There is some similarity between the highest state of meditation, called Nivrikalpa samadhi and a coma. The difference is that in a coma, the mind becomes non-functional, while in samadhi, total stillness is gained in the mind, yet awareness remains. While in a coma, that stillness is there because it has become a vegetable at that moment or for the duration of the coma. But the awareness is lost. The ability to be aware is lost, but this does not mean that awareness is gone. As long as the Spirit is unaffected, awareness is always there, but the ability to cognize awareness is gone because of the non-functioning of the brain.


Can this be remedied? I have heard of a case in America where a child was in a coma, and a decision had to be made whether the child had to be put away or left in that vegetable state. I do not know what happened in this case; I just read very briefly about it. But there are ways to bring the child back to awareness of himself. In other words, there are ways in which the person can be brought out of the coma without all the drugs that are used today. Medical science is still in its infancy. They have not touched the edge or dipped their toes in this vast ocean; the same applies to psychiatry. That is why when psychiatrists cannot do anything for their patients, they refer them to me. They say, “Guruji, we have done what we can as far as we have learned. Now you do.”

There are practices where a person can be taken out of that coma. A spiritual force can be imparted whereby the Spirit within the person can be so enlivened that the energies within that Spirit can be so drawn out that the mind becomes activated and starts acting. I hope medical science one day will combine this ancient wisdom and knowledge in their practices. Because all these sciences operate as separate portions instead of treating a person holistically, I have had many experiences with people in comas and many other problems. At home, I get called to the hospital at least twice or thrice weekly to deal with a patient. For example, a cardiac patient who needs to be relaxed must have a better mind to make the operation successful. You know, greater acceptance of what is going to be and what is going to happen. Teaching them to relax through spiritual practices to bring forth that cheer and joy, to eliminate their fear, “Oh, I am going into major surgery.” If the person dies in the surgery, know one thing, it would be of two factors, and half would be fear. The other half could be the inability of the medical man or something that just cannot be done medically. Those are the two factors.

The Spirit forever remains untouched – and the Spirit in the child or the man is eternal. As the Bhagavad Gita would put it, it cannot be burnt or wetted by water, and a sword cannot pierce it. It is immortal, and it cannot die.


When we talk of a coma, we also have to think, why did this person go into the coma? Why was this suffering necessary for this person? I can assure you that a person in a coma is not suffering. That person finds total peace. That person is at peace because the mind creates misery, and when the mind is non-functional, how could it feel despair? It feels neither pleasure nor pain. Rest assured of one thing, firstly, the person in the coma is not suffering, and secondly, the Spirit is not affected. This should be heartening to people who might have these problems so that the person does not feel pain or pleasure.

One has to look at it from the karmic point of view. There is life left in the body, and I do not agree in most cases, and this is 99 percent of the time, to release that life through artificial means. They call it “Euthanasia.” I disagree with that. There is life in that body for a while, but there is still some opening. That mind might be dormant and asleep in that coma state, but there is still a connection between the Spirit to the body. The body becomes a vegetable. But a vegetable, too, has life.


We have to study the karmic value of that person, and yogis, true yogis, can go back to find if that person should remain in the coma and have that rest or be brought back out of the coma. And if the yogi considers that a little push should be given to help without causing any detriment, he would just be too glad to remove the dormancy, the sleep of the mind, into awareness.

In the subtle body, which I prefer to call it because no one could interpret what a mind is. After all, the mind composes the entire universe; some areas are found that could be activated to bring the person out of the coma. And because the person’s mind is not functioning, those practices cannot be done by that person himself. So, the yogi does the techniques for that person and awakens that dormancy, awakens some sluggish chakra, if we wish to call it that. I would call it certain vortexes of energy that are off-balanced and not functioning as they should.

So, the true yogi instils his energy into the person’s subtle body and brings the person back to normalcy, back to life to become functional. But the yogi would consider first if I remove someone’s problem, will I be removing it, or will I be transferring it, postponing it to a later date? For every action, there must be a reaction; every cause has its effect. Whatever you sow, you must reap.

The yogi has the power to remove the blindness of the person that is blind. But by doing that, is he not transferring or postponing the karmic value of that blindness to another lifetime of that entity where he will have to pay ten times more for trying to expedite it artificially? A simple example is this. Let us retake Jesus. He cured some people of blindness, while at that time, hundreds of thousands of people were in the world without eyesight. Why did he not give everyone sight and only those few? Why? Because those few were ready and just required that little extra push, he did it for them and not for everyone.


Here, belief and faith have nothing to do with it, especially in the case of a coma. The mind is incapable of believing or having faith. Yet external energies can be drawn by the true yogi, the true healer, and instilled in the person to remove that coma.

It is not through me, I am just an instrument, and the analogy I always use and my prayer is always this, let me be like that hollow reed and let Divinity blow through it to produce beautiful music for the enjoyment of others. In this little life of mine, I have gone through many, many experiences, and I have met people in the line of art, in the line of music, real creative people whose creativity has been so blocked because of the functioning of their minds. The conflict in their minds blocks the creativity from coming out, blocks the very expression, and the filters are so thick that the natural creativity just does not shine out. And if it does shine, it will come through whichever colour filter. All these blockages, including the traumatic condition, if necessary, can be removed if it is warranted.

… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang US 1981 – 32