In the Bible, it says that “the meek shall inherit the earth.” The meek shall inherit the earth, not only the earth but the heavens. Meekness is not cowardice. Meekness comes from strength; a better word for meekness is humility, and you have to be strong to be humble. If you are weak, you could never be humble. Humility requires strength.

Strength is always in you, not to be discovered but to be uncovered because it is veiled. Like an electric bulb, you know you wrap a lot of cloth around it, and the Light does not come through. The process that people on the spiritual path go through is unwrapping the veils so that the Light can shine in its full brightness, which brings strength, and that is why we teach meditation and spiritual practices to unveil the veils.

From where do the veils come? Divinity is a neutral energy that favours no one, and neither does it favour another. All those veils that block off the Light within you are created by yourself and no one else. These veils are composed of ignorance or nescience, where you are not aware of your true Self, that you are Divine, and it is only in the awareness of your true Self, that you are intrinsically Divine, that you will find the strength.


People go through life in all kinds of misery. There is no misery in this world except that you create for yourself. There is no misery; you make it. The Creator has not created misery for you; you have created it. Why should one child be born in happy, prosperous, healthy circumstances and another born in poverty, illness, and suffering? Look, that Guy up there, which I know so well, and I live with Him twenty-four hours of the day, I know He does not create misery. It is a neutral force given to you to use whichever way you want. Use it negatively; then you have the negativity. Use it positively, and you will have positivity. You do not plant Dahlias and expect Roses to grow.

This goes further back than the time that you were born. You are a total of all the lifetimes, if you do believe in that, from the very first primal atom or the amoebic stage up to now, you are the sum totality of it all because of the experiences that you have gone through, and that is conditioning your present lives at the moment. Why am I so happy and joyful all the time? And why do I see X, Y and Z outside the window full of misery? He has brought suffering upon himself. He is standing in the damn rain while I sit here so comfortably. Who says he must stand in the rain? Walk in, for the Kingdom of Heaven is within; those doors are never closed; they are open. That is why Spiritual Masters are there to lead you to the door, and as the old Biblical injunction says, “Knock, and it shall be opened,” but we are too lazy to lift our hands to knock.

It is not even a physical act. You do not need to knock with the knuckles, you just need to think, and the doors are opened there for you. The closest thing to you is Divinity, yet we are so blind that we do not see it, we do not hear it, nor feel it, and it is there all the time.


Divinity is closer to you than your very breath, and you become meek and humble once that is realised. And when you become meek and lowly, you know the value of love because a haughty person will never admit that love. They are all too much in their ego self: “I am Mr So and So, and I am this, I am that. “You are nothing.

Your ego self is nothing, it is created by your thoughts only, and you know how thoughts work. Today you will think one thing, and tomorrow you will feel the opposite thing, and the next day something more opposite. Your ego self, the “Me and the Mine,” is the cause of all the trouble, but what about changing “Mine and Me” to “Thee and Thine.”


Can anyone truthfully say that this is my body? Can anyone truthfully say this is my brain? Nothing belongs to you, not even your mind or your body. The only thing you are encapsulated in are the thought forms you have created, and those thought forms in the Sanskrit word are called samskaras or impressions that have been deeply planted into the mind, and that rule governs your life. It regulates every action you do because the mind is patterned, and you do not go beyond the patternings. You just revolve around the patternings you have created, which is like a maze. You go this way, and you get caught, then you turn the other way, and you get caught, then you turn the other way and get caught, and you do not know the way out.

You have created the maze. That is why Spiritual Masters come along to show you the path out of the maze you have made yourself. Finding humility, mildness, and gentleness is dependent upon ourselves. To find the humility, mildness, and gentleness of which you are born is to find that which is within yourself, and it can only be found through meditation and spiritual practices. When the conscious mind is brought to a calmer state, you go to the deeper layers of the subconscious mind in which all these impressions are captured and encapsulated. But then you still go further to the Superconscious level of the reason, where there is real peace, joy, tranquillity, meekness, mildness, and gentleness. Reaching there, you do not come back empty-handed. You bring that energy with you, penetrating the subconscious samskaras, the impressions. It comes through into your conscious mind, and when the conscious mind starts acting and performing, every action you perform becomes a proper action, a good action. You just need to think a thought, and it comes to maturity. You just need to believe it, that is all, and it matures.


With that humility and gentleness, there is a remarkable purification of the mind and the heart, and approaching life with a pure reason does not mean that you must not have your biological functions like going to the toilet or doing whatever you do. The purity of mind and the purity of the heart gives strength to everything you do, and this is brought about by meditation and spiritual practices prescribed by someone who has travelled the path, someone who knows, someone who could, with a touch, transform your lives if you are ready for it. The ground has to be tilled for the seed to grow.

These things you learn in meditation and spiritual practices, which I prescribe to you, are just taught over by teachers I train. They are preparing the path for you, cleansing, cleansing, cleansing. And I am the world’s number one street sweeper – the street of your mind and heart.


You become so gentle. With meekness and gentleness, and when you are soft, you become so kind; you become compassionate. You develop that sympathy, that even sometimes when I get the message through, I might be thousands of miles away, and tears just start pouring from my eyes. And my wife Lata asks me, “Are you not well? Have you got pain?” I say, “No, no, no. I am well.” Someone at this moment is in some trouble, and it pains me. Then I send spiritual energies, which we call Gurushakti, and it works because of your gentleness, humility, compassion, and deep love for all, even the meanest worm crawling on the floor. You have that love even for that.

Because even that worm crawling on the floor has the same life you have, the only difference is that the worm cannot think. Man can feel, and that thinking ability wrongly used is the fall from Grace. Rightly used, it is uplifting; it takes you to joy and the beauty of life.

… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang UK 1984 – 01