Most people find life to be hard, arduous – they find living life to be a task. There are so many duties to perform: You have got to go to work, you have got to go home, do the cooking, look after the babies, clean up the house etc. It is such a chore! But it is not.

If you can stand apart from yourself and observe yourself scrubbing the floor, then you will have achieved something, because your real “I,” your real Self, makes no effort at all.

If you can look with the eyes of your real Self, at the effort of the small self, then you will see that there is effortlessness in the effort. And when you find the effortlessness in the effort, then it ceases to be a chore. It becomes a joy.

Even if two people are gathered in the name of the big “I,” He is there. He did not come; He was there. He is there and forever always will be there. You can just open the portals of your heart.

……… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: “From Darkness to Light”

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