You might all know the story of Ramakrishna, where this teacher took his students to a mango orchard. All the students started counting how many branches and how many leaves and how many veins in all these various leaves, but one student sat in the corner. He plucked a mango and was eating it. Who had the greatest enjoyment? The leaf-counters or the mango-eaters? So, enjoy! Life is made to enjoy, for life itself is joy.

The very composition of the forces that make life is joy. Life is love; love is laughter. And that is why we say, “Smile and the world smiles with you.” See, these simple little sayings, there is such deep meanings to it, but we fail to understand it. If I pull a big face, you are going to do the same. So, I smile, and you will smile. And if my smile and love is genuine and sincere, it will touch the very core of your being. And that is how life is to be lived.

That is how the connection between the relative and the Absolute is created: hotline from the conscious mind to the superconscious mind and the beyond.  The superconscious mind is as vast as the universe. And yet, there is something more beyond. The totality of the superconscious mind and the subconscious and conscious is represented by what we know as the personal god. The emanation of this totality is the personal god, and from there, we reach that which is impersonal.

The personality that is created by this universe is the personal god with various attributes. At the same time, the impersonal is the neutral force — like electricity in a stove for heat or a fridge for coldness. And that is what man is. And that is where? Nowhere, but nowhere is now here. Do you see the similarity in spelling between “nowhere” and “now here?” It is spelt the same way.

… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang US 1979 – 02

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