When a person comes to an obstacle in his path, his teacher or guide does not do the walking for him. The guru doesn’t shed light upon you, he sheds light upon the path. You have to do the walking. The guru can’t walk for you, because then you would be standing still and he would be walking. He sheds light so that as you proceed, you can see the potholes in the path. This is true guidance.

Naturally, when the light is shed upon the path, you feel some reflection of it upon you. You are not in total darkness, and that reflection upon you is the Grace that flows to you, giving you the strength to go along the path to meet the Beloved. As you go through life, obstacles will come, but not to be fainthearted: You have the greatest force with you.


The force of Divinity is with you and within you, and Divinity acts. It does not come down with a hammer, or with strings to tie you up and pull you. He has His ways of showing you the path. Many times you’ll find instances where you have a problem, and you just happen to come upon a book. You open to a page, and you read one passage and your entire attitude is changed. Do you see how that force works? It will work in every imaginable way. And remember, as the Bible says, “The Lord disciplines him whom he loves, and chastises every son….”   (Hebrews  12:6)

……… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: “From Darkness To Light”

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