There are degrees of loving depending upon how much unfoldment has taken place, how much we have allowed the light of love to shine through. And, the more it shines through, the closer we are to the goal because all existence is love.

Everything in the universe apart from man grows because of that love. How much does the sunshine not love the flower to give of itself? How much does the air not love the plant to give of itself? How much do the minerals in the ground not love that seed to give of itself and support it? Love is always supportive.

Love is such a beautiful quality, a law, an eternal law that even before the baby is born milk is provided in the mother’s breast. You could call it love – Love and Grace and God, these are labels. It’s all just the same thing.

If we accept one fact, that love is God and God is love, then labels are not necessary. And if love is God, then God is indefinable. We can only talk about it in inference. We can infer with the mind, but we can experience with the heart. We can experience it so much that we feel uplifted.

………….. Gururaj Ananda Yogi

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