I love you passionately, deeply, profoundly; there is no measure. Yet, I am non-attached to you; for it is not I, that is loving you, it is that Divinity within me which is one with the Divinity within you. That oneness, that fusion, is love. You see how powerful it is.

Someone is pretty, someone is ugly, as the saying goes, you know as people observe through the eyes, some are tall, and some are short – what does it matter to me? Some might be healthy; some might be lepers – what does it matter to me? That is just an outward, physical manifestation. I am interested in that which you really are.

Knowing that which you really are, and knowing that which I really am, no question is left of service or loving. I don’t love. I am Love. Because when I say, “I love,” it means I am applying a conscious effort to the love, and when I apply that conscious effort to love, I am putting the mind in between.

Real love is beyond the mind; it goes from here to there – your Heart. There is no going and coming. It just is. I don’t serve. I just am. Why should the flower be conscious of its beauty? Because as soon as that consciousness is taken into consideration, then that head of ego pops up. “I serve.” No. I do nothing. Yet we know that the player requires his instrument to play.

In this game of life, all these things are necessary. How would you like to go and see a football match that has not got a ball? The ball is necessary in the game of life. It is not always counting the goals all the important time; it is the enjoyment of the game that is important. The enjoyment, the joy, the real sincere inner joy is important, and that is expressed in love and action, for the kind of love man knows of today is also an action, is also a movement.


There are levels of love. The finest love is that which is totally still, and which just is. Like the depth of the ocean where it is still. Within its levels, there are certain movements that are taking place, there are certain interchanges that are taking place on surface levels. As we go deeper through our meditational and spiritual practices, then the movements of love become less and less and less.

Then the reality of love is known, just the stillness. Then we know who performs action. There is no action. Nothing is happening! It just is! It is nothing. Total stillness. That is the Absolute, the absolute love. But that is far, far away. I am just giving you an idea of my own experiences. But in between stages the movement is there, the interchange is there. It has to be so.

We do our spiritual practices and our meditations. We improve our actions, in a goodly, godly way, any person has that little common sense to perform his or her actions in a good manner. All this helps. Then good reading that leads one’s mind to better thoughts, that helps; listening to Satsangs, that helps; gaining new perspectives in life, that helps; being in good company, holy company, one is bathed in spirituality that holy people emanate from themselves. You will feel different. Something is happening. It has its long-range effects. Some people, immediately; some people, it takes a little time.

With all these things put together, we start realising what our actions are worth. For we reach the stage from doing, doing, doing, to non-doing. We reach the stage from mind, mind, mind, to no mind. We reach the stage from world, world, world, to no world. So, how far have we travelled? From nowhere to nowhere. And that is where the real spirit is: nowhere. Yet, if you spell the word “nowhere” with a hyphen in between the letters, it’s “now-here.”

With these attitudes in mind, these little understandings, a person evolves. If a person is greedy, or if a person is lustful, or any of these negative qualities, try to control and curb them. You can’t. Because the more you think about it the more are you strengthening that particular weakness.

You don’t dwell on them. Substitute them with the things that I have spoken about. You could never remain a vacuum; when a greater, purer force comes in, the weaker force of the weakness is pushed out automatically. That is how we get rid of all our negativities.

It is like two wedges, oblong-shaped – at the fat end of one wedge, you would have the narrow end of the other wedge. This is how positivity and negativity work. At the broader end of positivity, negativity would be less. At the broader end of negativity, positivity would be less. It is an oblong shape. That is how we progress, by these realisations backed up by the integrating Force and Power that is within us.

What we are really doing in our spiritual practices is bringing all these pieces together into a wholeness. When we function in that wholeness, we could live the injunctions of the scriptures where it says, “First be established in Self and then perform action, for that action will be non-binding.”

Good action is also binding – bad action is also binding. The difference is this, that good action which binds brings you harmony, more joy, the path is smoother, more positive. Bad action brings about disharmony and negativity. But the time must come when we rise above both good and bad. Then we reach the Absolute. For everything has its rewards. Good has its rewards, and so does bad. If we have the choice, if the little ego self has the choice, then be good, do good. It’s just as easy, and as a matter of fact, it requires less energy than the reverse of that.

Be good, do good requires less energy than no good. It requires less energy to smile than to frown. Smiling really exercises the facial muscles as well. These things are so, so simple. They say, “action for the sake of action,” that is fine, but all words, words, words. But these are the procedures, these are the mechanics, whereby that aim or that goal can be reached, where just spontaneously everything we do becomes an offering to Divinity because you are divine, the action is divine, the offering is divine; and that to which it is offered is also divine.

Proper understanding of these spiritual values can only come about when we become more and more integrated. Then we do not need the mind to analyse it for us anymore. We just know. It is a knowingness, beyond all analysis. It is a peace beyond all understanding. That is how it works. You see, it is so simple. You can like that.

… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang US 79 – 09

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