The person who can truly love knows God. There are degrees of loving depending on how much unfoldment has taking place. The more we have allowed the light of love to shine through, the closer are we to the goal. Because all existence is love. Everything in the universe grows out of that love. How much does sunshine love the flower, to give of itself? How much does the air love the plant, to give of itself? How much do the minerals in the ground love the seed, to give themselves to support it? Love is always supportive. Love is such a beautiful quality, an eternal law, that even before the baby is born, milk is provided in the mother’s breast. You can call that love.

Love and Grace and God – these are just labels for the same thing. If we accept one fact, that love is God and God is love, then labels are not necessary. And as love is God, love is indefinable. We can only talk about it in inference. We can infer with the mind, but we experience with the heart.

We can experience love so much that we feel uplifted. If a man really loves a woman, you look at that man – and he seems to live in a different world altogether. Sometimes we make jokes about it. Because the man becomes forgetful of this, that, or the other, we say, “Ah, he’s met his girlfriend, he’s in love.” There is a lot of truth in that. Perhaps it is not real love; it might be just a reflection of love. Yet, even infatuation has its purpose. Being a reflection, it is not the genuine article; but knowing the reflection can lead one to the genuine article. If you smell the beautiful fragrance of a jasmine flower, then curiosity can be excited in you. If you love the fragrance, you will want to see what the jasmine flower really looks like. The nature of the heart is forever to expand. And we build this wall around it with our conceptions. Yet the expansion that is taking place in the heart is knocking on those walls, hammering away like a prisoner, begging, “Let me out, let me out;”

If we can, by our actions, just knock out one little brick from the wall, the force of love that comes through that one little opening, plus our actions will make the opening bigger and bigger. When a little love starts seeping out it will also be helping you to take out more bricks from the wall, until finally the entire wall is broken down and love shines in its fullest. When love shines in its fullest glory all obstacles in life are drowned away in that light. There could be a million candles burning – but when the sun comes out, the light of all the candles is merged away in that infinity of the light of the sun.

That is what love does. And we have to give it a chance; we have to give this eternal force a chance; You know the saying that God helps those who help themselves. This force of love is forever wanting to come out if only we will give it a chance. That is very easy, for by doing spiritual practices, right living, and right thinking, the barriers are broken down and you unfold the heart. Then you see how joyful life can become. Every action, every conception and every perception you have is coloured with the light of love. Everything around you seems totally loving. If I want someone to love me, then I must make myself loveable. If I am loveable, automatically people will love me. So we start with ourselves.

….. Gururaj Ananda Yogi: “From Darkness to Light”

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