What can I give you for all your love, devotion and kindness? I could only impart to you the part of the Universe that flows forever and impart it to you through a touch. That is all. To make you realise that you and the Universe are not apart, and the whole force of the Universe is in you in some dormant state. In others, in an awakened state.

All my people throughout the world need the awakening, the acknowledgment and the knowledge and the wisdom to know of the Divinity that is there in you, within you, permeating every cell of you. Until the “you” disappears, and it becomes just “I”. It is all I could give you- give practices to lead you to it – but the finality is to unite you.

You are the day, and the darkness is the night. Let the dawn overpower the darkness, and then you will know yourself. Man know thyself. If you could only know yourself the way, I know you, whoever you are, whatever background you have, because I know you all to be Divine. But there is no sense in me telling you that you are Divine; it has to be self-discovery, self-realisation.

I cannot eat food, and your stomach feels full; that is impossible. I have got to make you eat the food of Divinity so that your hunger disappears, and it is satiated with that Divine Bliss, where even in the moment of death, you are going into another realm, another dimension in full consciousness. Then when you go into another realm in full consciousness, there is no death. Do you see? You take a pass; you change your suit of clothes; that is all you do—total full consciousness. For consciousness is life and life know of no death. There is no such thing.


Therefore, the integration that is required between body, mind, and spirit is to become more aware in that consciousness, for awareness is synonymous with consciousness. Consciousness is neither pure nor impure. Your thoughts are pure or impure but not consciousness.

Consciousness is an Is-ness, forever there. You call it consciousness. You call it God, you call it energy, you call it matter. Everything is there; it is the same thing.

When I tell you that you are Divine, and you truly are Divine, then all the faults and frailties that you suffer of will disappear. For how can anything reappear in the disappearance of the faults and frailties? Any action performed in life is of no regret—nothing to feel guilty about as I have told you before. The most significant disease in the world is the sense of guilt.

Why must you feel guilty, and for what? You are not there anymore. You have murdered, killed, slaved, raped, but that is past. Do not be there – rather be here. That is all that is there. What is the difference between there and here? It is only that stupid “T.”


The crucifixion, the cross, what does it symbolise? The greatest symbol in the world among the other symbols. Crucify the ego. Crucify that sense of self-importance because it is imaginary. The ego is imaginary, created by thought forms, previous samskaras all piled up in the garbage. When you feels that you have crucified the ego and brought it down to its level for the purpose of existence in this world, you have succeeded because you cannot exist in this world without a little trace of ego. But where is the emphasis? That is important. Is the emphasis on here or there? That “T” exists there, otherwise, it is here.

I want you to realise one factor in life which is the most important factor that you could ever realise, and you do not need a great brain, you do not need great analysis, and you do not need any tremendous intellectual power. What you only need is to combine mind and Heart into an integrated level of being; and to integrate the mind and Heart, the body will follow suit, and you live an integrated life. In other words, a life of wholeness, fullness, and not foolishness. That is all you need. You bring that which is further than the furthest and yet at the same time it is nearer than the nearest.

How does man function? How does this world function without the omnipresence of that which is Divine? You are preventing that Divinity from permeating, although it is there, the recognition is not there. It is not only recognition but to re-cognise that which IS, and the only thing that comes in between is the here and the here with that “T”, the greatest symbol. How many understand that symbol?

You need the vertical of the absolute extending far beyond the skies, and you need the horizontal bar, which is the relativity of life. So that “T,” if you understand it well, is the horizontal, being dependent upon the eternity of the vertical, or where else would life hang onto? The importance lies not only in the vertical of the Absolute but also in the horizontal of the relative. For the Absolute and the relative together combine that totality, which is you. But you only think of the horizontal, and being horizontal, it moves up and down, up and down, like a see-saw, and you have the ups and downs of life and miseries and happiness’s; pain today, pleasure tomorrow. Horizontal.

But the vertical, it stands straight, extending to the skies. Beyond, beyond, beyond, beyond; and all that is within you. Realise that now. If that horizontal bar sways, remember one thing, the screw is loose.

Tighten it! I have given you enough tools to tighten that screw, so the horizontal bar does not bob up and down. Tighten that screw by your spiritual and meditational practices. Just stand still and know its interdependence between the vertical and the horizontal, and then, when you realise this, the crucifixion becomes a joy, becomes a bliss. It is not suffering, for the horizontal has combined itself with the vertical. The relative has combined itself with the Absolute.


Leaving this physical frame consciously is the most incredible experience one can have. There are ways to do that, and I will teach that more and more as we go on, as you become more and more ready; how to die consciously and experience the transition state from the physical to the subtler level that carries on, that would go to formulate itself to prepare itself for the next incarnation, which is so necessary in order to work out all the samskaras and karmas. For you have to work out all the good karmas and enjoy the benefits thereof, and you have to work out all the bad karmas and the displeasure of that too. For to reach the vertical you have to become totally neutral – for good karma and bad karma are both binding.

If you want to enter the area of boundlessness, you cannot be in any boundary, and that boundlessness is beyond pleasure and pain.
It is in the land of extreme ecstasy and bliss. It is said in the Ramayana, that even at the moment of death if you could just bring your consciousness to the name of the Lord, Rama in this case, being of Hindu origin, you could say Jesus or whatever, you could reach a different stage of consciousness after death. But, to a certain extent, this is fallacious because you have to reach a certain level to appreciate and absorb and assimilate the word “Rama” in yourself before you could find “Rama” Consciousness.

Where is Rama? Where is Krishna? Where is Christ? Where is Zoroaster? Where is Buddha? Where IS that consciousness? It Is there within you all the time, and with your mind and your consciousness, you could project your ideal of Rama or Krishna or Christ and see him in front of you. That requires perception, and you are being trained to have that perception where you would see that the ideal of the things you have believed in all your life. Yet pure consciousness is all existence and yet non-existent. Non-existent in the sense that the mind cannot perceive it, and existent in the sense that it is there, it is the IS-ness, it is the IS-ness of your true nature that cannot be denied, it cannot be defiled, it cannot be affected. Like the Gita says, no arrows can kill it, no fire can burn it, etc. It IS, and you are that IS-ness, you are immortal, you are eternal. Nothing exists if you do not exist.


If I feel a total at-one-ment, atonement, at-one-ment with the Divine source, if I can feel that Tat Twam Asi, thou art That, I am That, Brahmas mi, I am Brahma, and then to observe around you the world, suffering, going through miseries. I cannot conceive of the idea because I know it is not real. The reality that you are creating within yourself is by your own little, small, petty thinking that is causing all the trouble. Do not go off your mind but go beyond the mind and observe.

Become the observer, and you will soon sense and realise that all these tricks the mind is playing is but just rubbish, garbage to be discarded. You can only discard the garbage when you can observe it and say that is a garbage tin, drum, whatever you call it. But if you are in the garbage itself, you get discarded with the garbage. You become the garbage. Through your spiritual practices, you become observers of the garbage, and just the very act of observation of the garbage, “I am not the doer”, that very observation of the garbage will destroy the garbage, and then you feel that calm, tranquil bliss, that ecstasy.

What did I do as Gururaj, the so-called king of all gurus? Bullshit! What do I do? I ignite these little fires in you to burn up that garbage. That is my job. In all humbleness, in all humility, and in all purity. Helping you realise the meaning of the two “here’s” and how to sublimate, elevate, and understand the “T”. That is all. See how simple?


Divinity is always with you, in some form or another, He is always with you.

You know this story, I think I have mentioned it, where this village was swamped, and a little rowboat came along, and they said, “Come, get in or you will drown.” But he says, “No, God will save me.” And then a bigger boat came along, and they said, “Hey, get in, you are going to get drowned.” But he says, “No, no, no, God will save me; I do not need your assistance.” And then a big battleship came along saying, “Come on get in, you will get drowned. The water is rising so high; you cannot survive.” And he said, “No, God will save me.” But then finally he drowned, and when he went up there to wherever it is, he spoke to God, he said, “You know, Lord, I have been such a faithful person to you. I have always been very pious, I have done good deeds, I never did wrong, but when I was drowning, you never came to help me. You made me drown; you did nothing for me.” So, God replies to him, “I did nothing for you? I sent you the rowboat, I sent you the bigger boat, and I sent you the battleship to help you from drowning, but you did not take it.”

Divinity comes to you in so many different forms. By meditation and spiritual practices, you develop the awareness and see, ah, here is the Divinity that has come to me in his particular form. The formless takes form to help me, to make me evolve, to progress. Because if Divinity, if there is any such thing as Divinity punishing, that is a different subject, It does not come down with a blooming stick and raps you on the bum. No. It will make you get a tire puncture so your back will ache for a week. It is all to be understood.

The smoother we make our lives through spiritual practices where balance is maintained between body, mind, and spirit functioning in harmony, then you experience the totality. Then, as I have said before, the poem of Rudyard Kipling, “If”, the whole world can go haywire and yet I am still. That is the way a person must live through the twenty-four hours of the day. Everything is haywire outside, topsy-turvy, but inside you feel that calm and cool and stillness of that which IS—that IS-ness. But instead of IS-ness, you live IS-less. We do not want that. Not my devotees – not my chelas. Not IS-less but IS-ness.

I love you. All I have got to give is my love.

… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang US 1983 – 20

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