To truly love yourself is to be integrated within yourself, and by being integrated within yourself, you find that Divinity there. And when you become one with that Divinity, then you do not love that Divinity, but you become that Divinity which is you.

Every man is Divine – Gods and Goddesses on earth. And they have become asuras. That is a Sanskrit word for demons. So, chaos must result because man has forgotten himself – while all the scriptures in the world keep on saying, “Man, know thyself!”, but we have forgotten ourselves. We have forgotten that we are essentially Divine.


When we through meditation and spiritual practices recognise the Divinity within us, then we very spontaneously see the Divinity in others.

When man through spiritual practices becomes more integrated within himself, he starts recognising that divinity within himself, for the awareness expands so much that it does not only take in the external environment, but it also takes in the eternal environment that is within him. By the recognition of Divinity that is within yourself, you recognise the Divinity in others. Then you can truly love, because who is loving who?

The mind can only rationalise: “Oh, he is nice. I love him!” It is just a projection of my own thought, but it is not love. It is an imitated love because the mind is involved. “She has a lovely nose, lovely hair, lovely figure – she is very pleasing. She cooks and looks after the children well.” Rationalising! Rationalising all the time with the mind, and that I take for love – but it is not love. That is business!

For as soon as the woman will start cooking badly, as soon as she does not keep the house well, as soon as she does not keep herself pretty, you stop loving her. It is a business.

Real love comes only from within us. The recognition of what is inside oneself brings about a spontaneous rapport with the inside of the other. So, what happens? Man does not love man – the human does not love a human, but Divinity becomes one with Divinity, and that is love.


Do you see the wide range and the scope there is to avert the chaos that could be there? When man’s mind is freed from the chaos on an individual level, it could very well develop into a collective, worldly level. And that is why we want our message of love to reach every corner of the earth.

To be practical — if I am capable only of love on surface value, love of the rationalistic value, then what must I do? I do spiritual practices to take me deep within, for as soon as I explain to you why I love you, then love ceases. For here, analysis begins – not love. Love asks no questions. It is a state of being, and when it finally dawns upon you, then it is a happening.

These are the ways, and love is the only way in today’s world that will prevent further and further chaos, that could avert catastrophes that is so imminent. This tendency can be averted with the development of love; an equilibrium between the forces of nature that we have mentioned before, tamas, rajas, and sattva.
When that equilibrium takes place, a man knows the true value of love and joy and bliss. Not happiness, but Bliss.

… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang US 1980 – 05

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