Expressing a spiritual life to the young is very beautiful and necessary in this world. Do not start universities, where spiritual education is given like some organizations are doing because when you reach a certain age, your mind is so set. But start spiritual education when the child is small, starting in primary school. That is the time when spiritual knowledge is to be given so that they could be moulded, to grow up in that.

I have found that in homes with meditators, where good tapes are played all the time, the children listen, and you will be surprised how perceptive children are. Although they might not be able to verbalize it, they feel that there is something good, and if they are nurtured and brought up in that kind of atmosphere, juvenile delinquency would be so, so much lessened.


Technological progress has been so fast today in all countries, including America, England, and everywhere. The intellects have become more and more developed. Despite the technological developments, they have searched outwardly, for they suffer dissatisfaction within themselves. They have not the peace. They could run multi-billion-dollar corporations, and yet they find an emptiness. They have gone to the highest intellectual and technological development limit and cannot find the answer there. The only way they can go is inward instead of outward. Therefore, there is a great interest in spiritual matters today, finding the Kingdom of Heaven within. There is a significant surge in that direction which is an excellent sign.

Unfortunately, many of my fellow citizens have come along and misused the privileges given to them. Instead of converting the outward seekers, they became seekers of power and wealth. That is a tragedy, and when I meet some of these guys at times, I give them a piece of my mind because I am afraid of nothing and no one. It could be the highest lord of the land, and if I want to say something, I say it openly and clearly and in no uncertain terms. So that is a tragedy. But those that do understand might be performing some little good work.

Anyone on the spiritual path should be encouraged to find himself. By finding himself, his life will become more peaceful, which is what we want. “The peace that passeth all understanding.” We need this integration; the mind and body have been led so far outward. It is about time that more and more people like you would make a right-about turn and start going inward. For only there is peace to be found. A millionaire might become a multi-millionaire, and one might become a billionaire. But what has he gained as far as his peace is concerned?


Therefore, the scriptures would say, “What is the use of gaining the world and losing your soul?” And souls are being lost. They are not lost; we say these words figuratively and not to be taken in its literal sense because the soul of men can never be lost. But it can be entangled with these total materialistic, unbalanced desires.


I am not against materialism. But what I would like to see is that spirituality is infused into materiality so that which is material becomes spiritual, and that which is spiritual becomes material. It is a continuum, and it is oneness. Although we have two eyes, we close one eye and just look at the material part. Let’s open the other eye and see the spiritual aspect as well. We find the two eyes adequately focused, and in that proper focusing, the spirituality and materiality are infused.

We need materiality. Because if I have not fifty cents, fifty-six cents, I cannot go to buy a loaf of bread in my pocket. And I need the sustenance, and that is material. If you walk outside, God’s air is free, but we are paying for it in taxes.

We cannot escape materiality. This body is material – it is flesh and bone, but the spiritual side of man can be deeply infused in that materiality so that it functions holistically and in wholeness. That is healing. To be healed is to become whole. If we think about it, it is beautiful really. It is beautiful. And it is not an impossibility. It is within the reach of everyone, and it is just by directing one’s attention.


With spiritual practices, you will find that we will see lesser and lesser faults in things and the more significant good in things. That is practical infusion in practical daily living.

Then we stop being judgmental. “Judge ye not that ye be judged.” “Love thy neighbour as thyself.” “Do unto others as you expect to be done unto you.” These injunctions become realities, not just words on the printed page, which we want. It is so simple, and you do not need to make it complex. A simple understanding of what life is all about, and if you know life, you know love. And if you know love, you know laughter which is joy.

… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang UK 1982 – 05