We say in one breath that God is omnipresent, and then we divide Him up and say, “Well, this is man and that is God.” You separate omnipresence! How can you divide up omnipresence when He is present everywhere in everything? He is everything! That is the Is-ness that one has to realize. He is everything, He is you, He is these flowers!

How can you differentiate man from God? It is only the thoughts that you have cultivated within yourself that show differences or that make you indifferent, although no difference exists. How does God act? He acts through you. How does God eat? He eats through a million mouths. How does God drink? He drinks through a million mouths. In every act you are performing, with every morsel of food you put in your mouth, it is not you eating: He is eating.

This awareness brings about the following realisation: “I am divine. Let me rise above these faults. Let me refine these thoughts to the level where they would have greater clarity, and I would not differentiate between man and God.”

……… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: “From Darkness to Light”

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