Any illness or any happening in our lives that make us more conscious of Divinity is good. Because you are not going to Divinity, but Divinity is coming to you. How much more blessed can you be? You never go to God; you never go to Divinity. Divinity comes to you, always, because you have prepared the ground. Knock, and it shall be opened. You just do the knocking, and He opens the door. Do you see how simple it is?

What we have to do is to prepare the ground for that Old Chap to enter. You don’t need to go to call the butterflies, but have a nice garden, lovely flowers, and the butterflies come on their own – because you have beautified the garden. Fresh air is outside. You don’t need to go call it, “fresh air, come in, come in” – you just open the window.


All these things in life that happen to us are a blessing. The only thing we have to do is to prepare ourselves in such a way that those blessings descend upon us – we create the conditions within ourselves and all the blessings are there.

If you have the condition within yourself to be happy, you will be attracting more and more and more, and the other way around. If you feel miserable, you will become more miserable. These are basic laws of nature, and they are unavoidable laws of nature. They function by themselves.

It is like a watch you wind it, and it will keep on running the whole day but you got to wind it. Nowadays, people don’t like to wind watches anymore because of the quartz watches that you get that does not require winding, but our lives are not like quartz watches. You have got to keep on winding all the time, and in that winding, we become unwound. What are you unwinding? Your karma, your samskaras, all the dirt and the muck and the dust that is there- feel it, unwinding?

While you are winding your life and setting it into motion, you are at the same time unwinding it.

Any happening in our lives has an advantage. The very cause that made a person become ill made him also become more conscious, perhaps still on the surface, more conscious in his yearning to find his Maker. The reason why he wanted to find his Maker or that inner Self, the Kingdom of Heaven within, is because of fear of leaving the body because it is ill.

If it is properly analysed and looked at sanely, there must be something in any fear that we can convert into a blessing, and it will inspire us to more and more blessings. Your life becomes so unwound that the complexities are not there, and we become our simple, real Selves.


When we reach from the complexities to the simplicity, so many virtues are added unto us. The simple person will always be humble – always be kind – always be compassionate.

You know the old saying, “a mighty oak from an acorn grows.” If we start with one little thing which you might regard to be virtuous, you will find it forever multiplies, it attracts. Have a beautiful garden, and you do not need to call the butterflies. They will all come on their own and make your garden even more attractive, with beautiful coloured and varied hues, flitting around in the garden.

My mother puts out breadcrumbs on the porch at the back, and these beautiful birds, the robins, they came and pecked at it. We did not need to go and call those birds, those lovely robins, but we placed the breadcrumbs there, and they came. Likewise, in our lives, if we cultivate, if we do our spiritual practices regularly and if do our meditations regularly, you will find your entire life can change.

Because with our practices, the mind becomes calmer. The conscious level takes you deeper and deeper into your real Self, the Kingdom of Heaven within, and it takes you to your deeper Self.

When you go to your deeper Self the energies you draw from there would naturally make your thoughts more powerful, more positive, and by having more powerful and more positive thoughts, you can become a master of the world. Not only the master of this world but the master of the Universe.

The most beautiful part of this is, that the deeper you draw from within, your desires will become unselfish desires. They will become selfless desires. You are not only adding happiness and joy to yourselves but also to the environment, to others because you become selfless. Our main problem in life is because of this non-selflessness. We are always too centred upon self, the little self, the small self, instead of the big Self which you really are.

… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang US 83 – 110

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