Many times we meet people and we say, “Oh, how kind this person is”. Every action the person does is filled with kindness, and we feel that kindness; we feel that compassion. Why? Because those acts of kindness and compassion on the part of the person, are not motivated. Motiveless motivation – such is the nature of that person. When a person shows kindness or compassion with thought, that is a mental action, but when the person shows kindness, compassion, forgiveness, and all those things, without thought, that is a spiritual action.


Do you see the difference between mental action and spiritual action? Mental action requires thought, and thought can change. There, you are in the boundaries of man-made laws that govern and pattern your mind. But when you are in the spiritual field, those are God-made laws. That is the difference between man-made morality and God-made purity.

So that is what we are striving for; that is what our spiritual practices are aimed at. Then we can say to you, “Be yourself. Be your true Self. Not your surface self – your true Self, which is divine. I AM THAT I AM.” These are the realisations we are aiming at – this is the goal; to reach purity, which is infinite, eternal, and existing within you – existing within you eternally.

….. Gururaj Ananda Yogi

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