The mind, which we call a cunning animal, operates in such a way that it is always pleasure-seeking. The mind operates 90 – 95 per cent of the time by an association of ideas. The one thought breeds dozens of thoughts; and, when all those dozens of thoughts come about in the mind, the mind is in a fragmented state.

Because of the association of ideas, a conflict is created between that which we call good and that which we call bad. When this conflict is occurring in the mind, and the impulses of the various chemical and thought matter are pulsating and interchanging within each other, it forms a cloud so the light of Divinity cannot shine through. That is why, though man is essentially divine, he forgets his divinity because of the conflicts in the mind. The conflicts cover-up, veil, the Divinity that is there.

It has been repeatedly said in the scriptural injunctions that “be pure of heart and thou shall see God.” “Be guileless, without guile, and thou shall see God.” There’s another phrase which could be added on to this: “Be innocent as the child, and thou shall see God.” So, what it really means is to reach that stage of childlikeness, where the machinations of the mind do not interfere. I have said this before, that “God plus mind makes man; man minus mind makes God”. So, the thing that stands between man and God is the mind.

What they mean by “purity” is to bring that mind to a tranquil state, to bring the mind to a clarity where the samskaras don’t clash and so that you could be in the presence of the Light. That Light is God.

Purity firstly would imply a clarity, a clearness of the mind. When the mind is clear and free of these conflicts, then the mind could appreciate the power of Divinity — and not only the power of Divinity alone but the power of the mind itself. For the mind, although being the biggest troublemaker, can be used as the finest tool.


When we talk of the purity of the Heart, the core of the human personality which we call “Heart” is forever pure. There is no impurity at the core of one’s personality. The impurity is but the covering that covers that Heart, the core of one’s personality, and that core is divine. Because it is being individualised through the process of evolution, because the one atom has now been fragmented into millions of atoms, it is still connected with each and every other atom. Like in the pond, with all these thousands of bubbles, it is only the one sun that reflects itself in all these bubbles.

So, the core of the human personality is Divinity, and that Divinity is one. Therefore, as the mind is brought to a tranquil state through meditation and spiritual practices, when all the ripples and the waves subside through these practices, then one is face to face with Divinity.

……… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang US 1979 – 20

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