What necessity is there for great personages like Jesus and Krishna to take birth on this earth and teach of higher principles? What purpose is there? Why should all this be happening?

Why should you be suffering? Why are you not totally integrated? Is there something missing from our lives for which we search? Why are we here? We are searching for something – we are searching for a purpose. That purpose might not be a conscious search, for the mind is a funny animal. The mind can delude us by saying that all this is purposeless. Yet, if we ask deep within ourselves, we feel that there is something and we try to find out what that is. There again, the question arises, “Who am I?”

Life is never purposeless. Any person who stifles their purpose in life, or denies that there is any purpose to life, will flounder like a rudderless boat.

Inquiry into the various aspects and facets of life must never be stopped, and if a person has an intellectual tendency, this can be their starting point. As they go on analysing various things, they will know that analysis itself is not what they are looking for and that there is something more.

Sometimes the uneducated are more sincere in their search. They are more honest with themselves and more attuned to the Heart because the mind does not stand in the way.

The going cannot be smooth all the time. The rose is beautiful, but it comes with thorns. Everything in life is like that – everything.

On the spiritual path, there is no laziness, and there is no self-satisfaction. Self-satisfaction is called delusion.

When it comes to the question of effort, the most important thing is not the physical or mental exertion that is involved, but the attitude that one develops while doing things.

If you have the temperament of love, devotion and right action, and you do your spiritual practices, then you find the direct route to that inner Self where all peace resides.

….. Gururaj Ananda Yogi: “The Master Reflects”

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