A person must ask of his or her individual self: “Is my action right or wrong? Is it conducive to and in accordance with the laws of nature, or not? Am I swimming against the current of nature, or not? Am I swimming against the current of nature, or with the current?” This, a person can only judge for himself.

We do not want morality, that is secondary, man-made or impermanent. The ways of morality are changing every day. Today one thing is good; tomorrow, another set of rules is brought in, and another thing is good.

What we want is not morality. We want purity. Ah – that is something different! Morality is temporary; purity is permanent. What do we mean by purity?

To practice purity means to express oneself as one is, with that spiritual force that is within. If one expresses oneself by means of the spiritual force, then every action is a pure action. When one has purity within oneself, then every action becomes a good action, because there is no hatred, no malice, no grudge, no need, no power-hunger and no money-hunger. Purity knows not of these things. To be pure is to be, just to be.

……… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: From Darkness to Light

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