A small task performed sincerely is worth more than a great task performed with motivation for oneself.

As you serve humanity, in actuality what is happening is that you are serving yourself. This kind of serving – this yearning or desire for service that is within you – is not used for personal gain or ego-building.

Divinity is there as all the scriptures tell you – and it is nearer than you think. It is closer than your very own breath. It is there: just open up and let it flow. Teaching and serving are two of the ways that quicken the process of opening up. And, when the blood races and the heart is quickened, love pours in us and through us. When you water a garden, remember that the hose is cleaned before the garden receives any water. So, when we teach or serve in purity, that divine energy flows through us first before it goes to the student.

……. Gururaj Ananda Yogi: from “The Master Reflects”

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