If you open your mind to certain kinds of thoughts, then you will attract other thoughts of a similar kind — birds of a feather flock together. You will attract similar kind of thoughts that are floating around all the time, for this universe is nothing but a thought.

By attracting a thought, be it positive or negative, you are strengthening it, but it is not possession. No one can possess you, and no outer thoughts could harm you if you do not allow your mind to let those thoughts into you.

Therefore, in this day and this age, where things have become so powerful, so technologically advanced, where the mind has become more and more sophisticated, meditation is a must for people.

When they strengthen themselves through meditation, all the other thought waves cannot just enter them to strengthen either the negative or the positive. We would welcome the positive, of course, by positive thinking. That strengthens us. Therefore, all these thousands of books on the power of positive thinking and things like that have some value.


Through spiritual practices, we strengthen the mind. We cannot control the mind, but we can strengthen the mind in a positive way. And the very positivity of the mind automatically becomes the control of the mind. It is just to make it stronger. By positive thoughts and drawing from deep within those spiritual energies that could make you stronger.

To repeat again, in this day and this age meditation and spiritual practices are very, very important. More important than five or ten thousand years ago. Because life today has become a rat-race. All the time, big fish eating the small fish. Those times – our great grandfather’s time – were different.

I remember this was told to me by my father – that if he were ill, half a dozen of his friends would close up their shops for the day, and come and look after him, and vice versa. It was that love, that togetherness. Today, your best friend might be lying in the gutter, and you’ll pass by and say – well I’ve got to rush for my appointment, got to meet my boyfriend or girlfriend or whatever. This does not happen in every case, but that is the general tendency in the world today of that selfishness and not selflessness.

So, we need meditation more!

……… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang US 1980 – 19

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