With surrender comes a sense of peace. With the surrender, one understands that a greater force than I have taken over my life.

Now, there are so many benefits to it.  By accepting the fact that a greater force has taken over my life, I’ve surrendered my life to that greater force, the first thing I will lose is fear. And by losing fear we would lose the sense of insecurities, inadequacies, and various other negative things. We lose that sense because this life now is not my life. He is the life.

Another thing that happens in this injunction when we say that not my will, but thy will be done, then the emphasis is not put upon our small egos.  The emphasis is put upon Divinity that knows all, does all. We could not even lift a finger without the force, or power, of that Divinity. So, the troublemaker in life is normally our ego that thinks of just me and mine. So, when we accept the idea and live the idea that thy will be done, then the sense of me and mine is lost.  The sense of thee and thou develops.

Now, some psychologists will tell you that this is a form of escapism, where you shift things onto someone else. But that is not true.

Man is not capable on his own to reach salvation. He, to a certain extent, makes effort. And to the greater extent, he has to rely on grace. And once accepting the principle of grace and that grace pours down upon us, then we cannot but help say, “Thy will be done. It is thy grace. I am nothing. Thou art everything.”

You know, funny enough, this little planet of ours is not even a speck of dust in the whole universe. Just imagine the immensity of the universe. Our planet is not even a speck of dust.  And within this planet live four thousand million people who are even lesser than that tiniest speck of dust. And yet we attach so much importance to us.

What are we? A flash. Seventy years, perhaps, in this lifetime. If it is viewed from a different, higher angle it would just be that, a flash. And yet, there’s not a single person in this world, or very few perhaps, that realises this. Every man lives in this world as if he’s not going to die. Yet the only certain thing in life is death. That you can be sure of.

……… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang US 1977/05

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