No man needs to go through misery, and no man needs to have any suffering. You are suffering because of your interpretations stemming from a patterned mind, a conditioned mind, for which you and only you have been responsible. So, what do you do when you cannot unpattern the patternings over millenniums, thousands and thousands and thousands of years of your very existence?

If the room is dark, why analyse the darkness? Switch on the Light. Is it going to help you to analyse the darkness? No. And that is what I discuss with the psychoanalysts, Freudian, Jungian, Bullshitians. Get rid of the darkness, get rid of nescience, get rid of ignorance, and it is so easy, so, so easy. Seek, and thou shall find. You do not need to seek; it is there already. And if you insist on the word “seek,” then it will mean that you will just have to turn your mind a little bit, and you will find. But what do you find? You will find yourself. You will find your authentic Self, your Divine Self, composed of nothing else but joy, joy, and joy.


Because you are so mixed up in the law of opposites, you go battling on and on and on. You are not seeking joy; you are seeking pleasure. And wherever there is pleasure, there will always be pain — the law of opposites. When there is sunshine, there will be rain. Where there is cold, there will be heat. So, you vacillate between the two extremities of the stick: pain there and pleasure there. You are staggering and up and down; it goes like the seesaw. One moment down, another moment up. By coming to the centre of the seesaw, you find the balance. The centre of yourself. Where there is this total integration, you do not need to fluctuate between pain and pleasure, you go beyond pain and pleasure, and you reach the area of joy, which is different. Joy, bliss, totally merged in joy and bliss. You can put any label you like. You can call it God, you can call it Allah, you can call it Bhagwan, you can call it whatever. That is your true Self, not the little ego self all so mixed up in Auntie Mathilda’s problems or Uncle John’s problems. That is not your true Self.

We are searching for joy, and joy is Divine. Divinity is God, and once you find that, you have found everything.


He is in the crawling worm, and He is the dog? How much more is He not pervading you: you, the thinking being.

Thinking being. Since when did you start thinking? You have never thought. You think that you think. You have never thought. All the analysis you go through. All the rationalisations you go through are biased because they are patterned and conditioned by the thoughts thrown upon you since you were a child. Your parents condition you into certain things, your teachers condition you, your ministers condition you, your environment condition, and your boss condition. So, do you think?

You are a creature of conditioning. Let us move away from the patternings and become thinkers. If you want to rationalise, then do it properly without being conditioned by others. Be yourself.


Everyone tells you to be like Christ, Krishna, and Buddha. I said, “False. Be yourself.” Then you are honest to yourself, sincere to yourself, and what is greater in life than to be yourself, sincere to oneself? You are not sinners. You are children of Divinity. Every drop of blood that flows through your veins is Divine. You call yourself; I am a sinner, a sinner. I do not know where this idea came from. It never came from Jesus Christ, that is for sure. Believe me. It came from organised churches that filled their coffers. They tell you of eternal damnation and put you into fears of all kinds instead of instilling love in you, which is your true nature. Did Jesus or Krishna or Buddha not represent love? Is God not love? Then why not speak of love? Why talk of eternal damnation?

Conditioning again. I am a sinner, a sinner. Keep on repeating to yourself that you are sick, sick, sick, and you will become sick. But say to yourself, “I am the product of the Divine, I am Divine. Nothing is impossible for me.” Nothing is impossible. You put a stroke between the I and the M: I’m possible. That is the man’s attitude to living a happy, successful life. Success is to have access to your authentic Self. Not the millions in the banks; they mean nothing. Because you are just passing by, you are not going to take anything with you in any case.


There was this American student of philosophy, and he was fond of reading the works of a particular rabbi that lived in Israel. He was on a study tour, and he was pretty close to the village where this rabbi lived. Knowing that, he thought, “I have read so many books written by this rabbi; let me give him a lookup.”

That is always an Eastern custom that you never go to a guru or a rabbi empty-handed. If you cannot afford anything, just a little petal you give as an offering. So, this chap went to the rabbi and took nothing. And he says, “I am sorry, Rabbi, I was just passing by, and I could not manage to bring you an offering.” And they started chatting around about this, that, and the other. And the rabbi’s room was empty, and after a while, this man noticed. He says, “Rabbi, why is your room so empty, and you are sitting on the floor?” And the rabbi replied, “You are just passing by here; I, too, am but just passing by.”


You are passing by to where? Where have you come from, and where are you going to? You have come from nowhere, and you are going nowhere. You are here and now. Nowhere. Shift the W to the left – nowhere. You are nowhere, and if you are not anywhere, where are you? You cannot be all there. Life is such a joy!

… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang US 1982 – 33