I would never heal someone unless the person comes to me. But if I see a person in trouble, in pain, in misery, my Heart will flow to that person, and in that very flow, with the strength of thought and Spiritual Force, I will even unconsciously send out a healing energy to the person.

Therefore, in the company of true Spiritual Masters, you would always find a great peace descending upon you. Especially people who are meditators and doing spiritual practices keep that Spiritual Force alive in them to enjoy life more.

When it comes to healing, let us think about this: at the time of Jesus, there were thousands of people that were blind, there were thousands that were lame, there were thousands that were deaf. But if we read the Scriptures, why did he only heal just a few blind and a few deaf and a few lames.

There are reasons for that, and the true Spiritual Master knows that very well. A person is suffering from an awful disease, but if you heal that person and if the time is not right, you are transferring that very ailment to the person’s next life, where they will have the illness, perhaps not in the same form, but the suffering would be there.

Certain healings relieve the person of the intensity of that disease so that it is not transferred over to another lifetime. If a person has ended a particular karmic debt and just about at the end of it, then the Spiritual Master would give the person a little push so that they could overcome it.

It is like a schoolmaster with a pupil in school who needs fifty percent to pass, and the child achieves only forty-eight or forty-nine percent. The teacher knows that a whole year of the child will be wasted, so he will award the child a mark or two extra so that it could go on to the next standard. That is what a good teacher would do.


That is how it works when it comes to healing. We are teachers of knowledge, wisdom, the practical side of the theories, the practice of various meditation, and other spiritual practices. We do not put ourselves out as healers. Still, if anybody is in trouble, I, or the healers to whom, through the grace of God, I could transfer the abilities, of course, it would be their bounded duty to relieve any misery or suffering to which someone is afflicted. If they are approached, they are bound not to say no. You have come, and you shall not go back empty-handed. That is my principle. Anyone that comes to my door will never go back empty-handed. If I only have one slice of bread in the house, I will share it with the beggar that would knock on the door.

That is our dharma; that is our duty. For what else is life worth? You make millions of pounds, and you will pop off tomorrow. You are not going to take it with you. You amass this, and you amass that you are not going to take it with you. But through spiritual practices, if you have amassed merit, which is interpreted in joy and happiness and peace of mind, that will come with you. Because once your inner self, your soul, is at peace, then that is the portion that carries on, not the body. Therefore, everyone knows the age-old saying, “What is the sense of gaining the whole world and losing your soul.”


Therefore, to find great peace within ourselves and help humanity, that is what you are taking with you, and that is what you are made of, really, not this bag of bones and blood. As I always say, if you melt it down into its chemical value, I think you will get about forty pence for it, and with inflation perhaps sixty pence, who knows? Do you see what it is worth? Nothing. But the love you can radiate, and the more at peace you are within yourself, the more integrated you are, the more love you can radiate and give and feel. Then that Old Chap up there which we call God is not so far away, you know. He is not far away; He is closer than you because you are made of His essence.


There are two kinds of healing. There is magnetic healing, and there is spiritual healing. In magnetic healing, you are transferring your spiritual energies by thought force to the other person, and it makes the other person feel a little better. But there is a great danger in this, and the danger is that with the positivity you have in you, you are also passing on your negativity.

Spiritual healing is different, and I would never make any person a healer unless the person has the potentiality. By transmitting these healing powers, we stimulate that potentiality so that it can be used powerfully and forcefully. In spiritual healing, the first thought in my mind is, “I am not the healer, I am just a channel. I am just a channel; I am not the healer”. By doing certain practices, that Universal Force, that Universal Energy flows through you to the other person and feels it immediately. So, no harm is done to you, the healer, and so much benefit is accrued by the person to be healed.

Instinct is a word that could be defined in many ways, but if you instinctively feel or if you have a feeling within yourself that I should help this person ask yourself, “does this feeling come from the Heart or is it just a mental thought that is there?” Is it selfless, or is it perhaps ego-orientated? These things one has to think for oneself and decide upon it.

Those that are not formalised healers, who are not really taught healing, the best thing they can do and still be very helpful is to close your eyes and picture that person to be well and not ill. For example, if he is lame, you visualise them as walking or running. Then after visualising that, you try to cover that person in a blue haze, a blue colour – which is very healing, a blue haze – and by you thinking positively that person to be well, you will find those thought forces helping that person.

It does because thought is so powerful that thought could pierce a door twelve inches of steel. It could travel thousands of miles in an instant of a second. It is as fast as light, a hundred and eighty-six thousand miles per second, so fast it is.


I often get letters from all over, I have a giant mailbox, and because it is such a large mailbox, I cannot reply personally. Still, I encourage people to write to me about their problems or their happiness’s or whatever. As I read these letters, I am in a semi-state of meditation, and I send thought forces to them that helps them. Then a week or two later, a reply comes, and they thank that “Oh, my problem is solved.”

It is the mercy of Divinity and we that are channels of that Divinity, we should be grateful to be used in such a way by that Force and that Power, to be able to help our fellow men, for are we not our brother’s keepers. We are.

… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang UK 1983 – 23

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