Why does the heart not experience its true nature? It’s because so many blockages are created by man’s actions, by man’s thoughts, which could be put into the package of samskaras.

When this package of samskaras or these veils of our doings, the veils created by the seeds we have sown builds a wall around the heart, and it is this wall that prevents the heart from expressing itself, and the only way the heart can express itself is through love.

We have spoken a bit about love, and we have seen that love is a quality that does not require any mental analysis, or as soon as one starts defining love, one is limiting love. The limitation takes place because we are defining with a limited instrument called the mind, and the mind, as far as we know it, or as far as we cognise it, or as far as we use it, is finite, while the quality of love is infinite.

So, the expression that comes through the heart, because of the veils created around it, cannot be the fullest expression of love.

Dante has said that “the greater the man the greater his love”. So, the stature, the spiritual stature or the evolutionary status of man can be judged by how much he loves.

……… Gururaj Ananda Yogi

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