The full extent of the mind is as vast as the entire universe. When man can reach the deepest, fullest level of his mind, he could have the cognition of the entire universe. But that is not enough. That is not enough because the whole extent of the universe is still relative. We still have to reach the Absolute, and there lies the changeless quality of life. Because of the techniques given, in meditation, we go from the grossest level of the conscious mind to the subtlest level of the mind, and from there, we transcend it. And this is a possibility for every one of us.

When we reach that stage and become established in the unchanging reality, this whole universe becomes an illusion. But until we reach that stage, this universe is real. In other words, it means that within relative values, there is reality to this existence. But from the absolute point of view, relativity becomes non-existent. But even after reaching the absolute, we still have to live this life and live it as real.

How do we do that? By continually diving within ourselves and drawing from that absolute force, we draw from that storehouse. We draw from that storehouse of divine energy and infuse that divine energy into daily living. So here we have seen that the Absolute is not apart from the relative. The infinite energy is not apart from the transitory energy. So here, a happy union takes place.

What do we gain by that? First, we gain the joy of living and life, for no man is born on this earth to suffer. All the sufferings in the world are because of misunderstanding and misconception, and we have the instruments in our hands to dive deep within and find the Kingdom of Heaven which resides within us.


The Bible says, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven within, and all else shall be added unto thee.” But the mistake we make is that we want all else first and then the kingdom. That is the mistake we make.

We have to make a 180-degree turn to find the entire value of life, thereby making what is regarded as a living hell into a heaven. Nevertheless, it is possible, and it is the duty of the Spiritual Master to show the way.

No one can evolve you to that stage. A spiritual master can only guide you to that stage. He is only a guide – a spiritual master or a guru is nothing but a channel. Like a hollow piece of wood, he is like a flute, and Divinity blows its infinite music through this hollow piece of wood so that you could enjoy the symphony.

In all the travels I do throughout the world, they expect a guru, long hair, long beard, old man, but that is not so. The spiritual master is an ordinary human being like you, and it is only through the human impulse that I could touch your mind and heart. That which you regarded and thought was so permanent in life; you will find that it is not permanent for the inner within-ness that is the only permanency. But no hope must be lost because our message is of hope and love.

Know this for sure, that you exist because God exists, and God exists because you exist. Fire cannot exist without heat, and heat cannot exist without fire. In that sense, we are the manifestation of the Manifestor.

… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang DK 1978 – 01

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