The guru only lights the path. He doesn’t light you. The guru doesn’t shed the light upon you; he sheds the light upon the path. You have to do the walking. The guru can’t walk for you because then you will be standing still.

When the guru sheds light, that light is not shed upon you, the light is shed upon the path so that as you proceed, you could see the potholes in the path. And that is guidance.

With that light that is shown upon the path; naturally, you will feel some reflection of it upon you. You are not in total darkness, and that reflection upon you is the grace that flows to you, giving you the strength to go along the path to meet the beloved.


Here in this daily living of life, it’s the same thing. The obstacles will come, but do not become faint-hearted, for you have the greatest force with you. The greatest force of Divinity is with you and within you. Divinity acts.

It does not come down with a hammer or with a string or tie you up and pull you. It has Its ways of showing you the path.

Many times, you find instances where you have a problem. Here you just happen to come upon a book, and you turn a page and read one passage, and your entire attitude is changed.

We suffer because of the attachment and the dependence we have formed. We must become responsible. Do not even depend upon the guru. The guru only has the torch to shine on the path, the lantern. But be dependent upon your own feet to walk.

He will show you the way! He will give you the knowledge, the wisdom. He will stir your heart and your soul and your mind. He will give you the courage to go on the path, the path of the heroes.

He will show you how to reach home on the quickest road, for you have to reach home. You have to reach your father’s home!

Why tarry and suffer? There is the path. Go! I will give you a push. And if there is a pothole or if there is a little hill, come. Here’s my hand. Hold. Let me help to pull you up. But you still have to move your blooming feet. Do you see? That is how life works. You see how that force works. It will work through every way and means.

……… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang US 1980 – 02

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