Separation is a misconception and this misconception has come about since childhood, due to what our parents and teachers told us. It has served a purpose to make you worshipful, to develop faith in you, but we must go past that.

Self-realisation begins where religions end. Religions put you into a groove of thought and you abide by that; but when you go beyond the groove, you see how vast you are, how vast Divinity is.

It is like the little frog in the well who thought that was the whole world until a friend came along and took him to the ocean and said, “Oh, look at the vastness of the ocean.” So, we are like little frogs in the little well. And being in that little well we are unwell! That is where all of the troubles lies.

No person needs to feel any tension. No person needs to go through the stresses and strains of life; they are mentally created.

……… Gururaj Ananda Yogi

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