What is the nature of compassion? Compassion has no nature because compassion exists within itself. If you try to define compassion, your mind will be involved. And once the mind is involved how can there be compassion? Compassion comes from the heart.

Compassion knows no analysis; it is a natural heart phenomenon. When compassionate feelings arise within you, your mind will not analyze them. If I love you and in that love, compassion is brought into being, can I ever define that love, which is the blood brother of compassion? Once you start analyzing compassion you become compassionless. Compassion is a welling up of the heart, where you just know the depth; and knowing the depth within you, you experience the depth.

If I said I am compassionate to you, it would be a great lie. No, I am compassionate within myself. Ah, because when you analyze you say, “Come, passion.” And when you ask passion to come it is always self-motivated, because true compassion does not come. And because it does not come, a great purity lies within you. To find the purity of compassion you don’t ask for it to come. You prepare yourself. And then it just dawns upon you.

The preparation lies in your spiritual practices, wherein you become all love, all kindness, and all compassionate. Buddha was described as the Compassionate One, but he never tried to be compassionate. It becomes your natural self. It becomes your nature to be that.

….. Gururaj Ananda Yogi: “From Darkness To Light.”

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