There is no individual mind in reality. Individual minds are but reflections of the sun in those millions of bubbles in the pond. There are not a million suns: it is only reflected a million times, in as many bubbles as are there; but the sun is just one.

Likewise, there is only one mind. Through spiritual practices, when these cells are more awakened, more of that universal mind will flow through. It will not only flow through the brain cells but will start permeating your entire being.

The brain, being the subtlest organ, has control over your entire physiology. So, you allow the universal mind to flow through you and then you will really know that “I and my Father are One.” Man and God are not separate. There are not two entities. In the omnipresence of Divinity, there could be no place for anything else at all, or else the “omnipresence” would fall away.

……… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: “From Darkness To Light”

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