Meditation gives the mind the quietude to push aside that whole universe, which is the mind and allow a greater force to come through. The heart, the core of one’s personality, becomes the vehicle or entrance for this process to happen. The process starts at the level of the mind, which consciously takes the initial step that requires discipline until the mind automatically goes to the deeper level.

The conscious mind then has to ignore the repositories of all the samskaras, which are in the subconscious, so as to create a direct path to the Super-conscious, the finest level of relativity that is the truest reflection of the Light. When this level has been reached, its reflection shines through and enlivens the conscious mind. And, when the conscious mind is enlivened by such a reflection, it spontaneously draws to it the true light of the Spirit. Then the conscious mind, too, can experience the unfolded Spirit, which is forever unfolded at the finest Super-conscious level.

……… Gururaj Ananda Yogi

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